I was just wondering

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  1. I was checking out an email from a consignment shop and was perusing through the Chanel bags. Why is it that these used bags are going from $1600 to $3500? Does anyone have any ideas? Are they somehow inlaid with 18 k gold? If I am ignorant please explain! I just can't understand the pricing of a used Chanel bag! I always love learning something new. TIA!
  2. No gold, but Chanel does seem to retain its value much more than most bags, especially if it is in good condition. I have seem some consignment shops online and many of their bags sell for close to retail. IMHO that is ridiculous since it is used.
  3. I was in a consignment shop the other day and they had an LV Speedy 30 (guaranteed authentic) that was in such poor condition I would have thrown it in the garbage and they wanted $300. Chanel does seem to "hold value" even more than LV!
  4. They become rare and close to impossible to get, so the prices go up.
  5. I guess I was wondering because I actually saw a new one in the boutique that was melt in your hands, butter soft for close to 3k. So I was trying to figure out how the consignment shops justify selling used ones at the same price. :thinking:
  6. they're that price because they're handmade, retain their value and prices have gone up a LOT over the past 4 yrs.
  7. I found a used LV wristlet in a second hand store for $10 and bought it, the strap needs to be replaced but other than that it is in perfect condition. I can use it without a strap if I choose.
  8. chanel holds its value. plain and simple.
    totally worth the bucks :smile:
  9. it is also possible that some of them are limited editions or seasonal bags that cannot be found in stores anymore. and even if they're used... if they're in a pretty good condition, then i think some ppl are willing to pay for the high price.
  10. Chanel does retain its value very well as compare to other brands. Perhaps the ones you saw were LEs or something, hence the hefty price tag.
  11. Sooooo interesting! Thanks everyone! I think I might give the bag I looked at a second glance. ;)