I was just wondering.......


Which one?

  1. Framboise Mini Agenda

  2. Pomme Ludlow

  3. Framboise Ludlow

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  1. The Ludlow is really small...and not really useful as a wallet. Not sure if the mini agenda would be either, but would probably be better than the Ludlow.
  2. I think the ludlow would be great for you, but do you have a need of cards? At 12 I only had cash and gift cards. But I think you could use the ludlow down the road though. And the mini agenda for assignments!
  3. Pomme Ludlow and mini framboise agenda
  4. Hmm. Out of the three, I would say Pomme ludlow.

    But there is also the vernis Biold wallet that is about the smae size, holds a lot more, and is only 200$ MORE!
  5. Ludlow should fit your needs for now and later when you're older as a backup wallet. Mini agenda is also an option since you can put zip pouch in it for a coin purse also. Plus it does double as a mini agenda in the future too. Hope you find which is more suitable for you.
  6. Agree w/ louislovesfendi818, I'd get the Vernis Billfold.
  7. The ludlow is so much more useful, I love mine. I exchanged my mini agenda for a ludlow :biggrin:
  8. I don't think the mini agenda is very useful at all. Get the Ludlow.
  9. I like the pomme ludlow coz of the color.
  10. I'd get the Pomme Ludlow
  11. pomme ludlow. i have one and i love it! would look good against your denim mini pleaty too.
  12. Pomme Ludlow
  13. pomme ludlow gets my vote
  14. I like the pomme or frambosie ludlow, depending on whether you are a red or pink girl.