I was just thinking...

  1. [FONT='Arial','sans-serif']...I think I am going to personally use the Padlock Heart Keyfob, Style: 92118 to symbolize my LOVE:heart: for Coach and my LOVE:heart: for being a part of this Coach Purse Forum. ...that Heart KeyFob is TDF!!:yahoo:[/FONT]
  2. It is very cute
  3. it is cute. i think i really want one now!!
  4. i can't wait for mine to come... i ordered it the other day! it is one of my favs EVER! :smile:
  5. I second that, cannot wait to get my padlock heart keyfob!!!! Love it:heart:

  6. I realllly hope it doesn't sell out I want one these keyfobs bad!
  7. I got mine yesterday! I love it, it's adorable! I just got a black signature beaded tote and put the padlock on it and it looks fabulous!
  8. What's the price for the the heart lock?
  9. $38 and with PCE around $29 or so.
  10. I was thinking about ordering one-- but I feel weird just ordering a keyfob and having it sent to me... and I am on a ban!
  11. Actually, the heart padlock retails for $48. It was $36 with the PCE discount.
  12. Is PCE still going on?

    I've been MIA for a couple weeks because I have the bf's kidlets while he's at work all day, so I haven't been able to get online. *bleh*

    I haven't seen the keyfob yet but it sounds adorable! I love locks and keys and stuff. Is it on the website?
  13. She is lovely! I can not wait to show her off! woo hoo!:wlae: