I was just taking a walk, when I encountered The Horror at Nordstrom Rack!!!!

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  1. Just an innocent walk. I never expected it. I was on Boylston Street in Boston - in Marshalls, actually - and I decided to walk across the street to Nordstrom rack. I looked at the handbags, strolled over to the clearance area, when I spotted a Coach Op Art Sateen tote.


    Looked nice until I got a little closer


    Oh let's get real close


    What???? Original price $1595?? This is just an Op Art Sateen Tote from a couple of years ago, isn't it?


    I went to find someone from the store. I found a guy and asked him to check on the price, because, obviously it was a mistake. But, no, this guy insisted that it was sold at a regular Nordstrom, and returned. And, by the way, on top of everything else, it has a stain.


    I don't know. Am I wrong? Was this bag sold for $1595? Was any bag ever sold by Coach for $1595? Nahhhhhhhhhh.
  2. I was just there visiting last week and went to the same Marshalls!

    Nordstrom Rack should be ashamed of themselves.
  3. Wow.
  4. My normal haunt (I live nearby) on Boylston Street is Lord & Taylor. Talk about bargains (and a good Coach department) - that's the place to go.

  5. We are from the New York / New Jersey area. We decided that drive to Boston in a whim for 2 days and I have to say we love Boston. So many landmarks and so much history.
  6. Agreed - I love that L&T - I am heading in on Monday - looking forward to checking out some of my favorite places on Boylston and Newbury! and of course have to decide on where to have lunch:P

    Oh, and that Coach purse/price is a joke!
  7. I wonder if someone did a bag switch.
  8. It's from 2009, probably retailed around $298. They're on crack. I'm also wondering about "altered or refinished"on the tag...
  9. That is probably it. Someone bought a $1595 retail priced purse for...how much? Maybe $99, maybe less. And I bring this to the attention of an employee who should know better, but he doesn't immediately say, "Oh, that couldn't be right." He was oblivious.
  10. Yeah, that is just what I thought. The Nordstrom guy claimed that this "$1595 purse" was sold at a regular Nordstrom, returned and then "refinished," which I know is translated as "completely altered to resemble a Coach handbag circa 2009 retailing for $298." I guess I needed a Nordstrom to English dictionary.
  11. Maybe somebody did a bait and switch. Returned their Coach bag with a receipt for a $1500 bag.

  12. Yeah. For w&r items the original
    Price isn't that far off from the real price of the item. Such a shame no one at the rack didn't catch this.
  13. I live so nearby that I am walking through L&T a lot - a few times a week, sometimes. I now am embarrassed to be seen by the women (there are some that have been there for years) in the handbag department. I'm afraid they're thinking "Her again? How many handbags does she need? There is something terribly wrong with that woman."

    Of course, this particular L&T is about a block away from the finish line of the Boston Marathon. As a matter of fact, they were able to furnish a lot of surveillance videos to the bombing investigation team. And, then, they were forced to stay closed, along with all the businesses on that and a few other blocks on Boylston Street for a couple of weeks after the crime. The day they reopened I was back in the handbag department, making a purchase.

  14. Could have been that. Could have been something else, But, sheesh,
    someone should have noticed. You know, like, maybe, when I pointed it out to them.
    And, they should have noticed the stain on it, too. Good lord.
  15. Ok..so I was at a Nordstrom Rack probably a month ago and they did have a rack of refurbished handbags. There was an older leather Coach Style - cannot remember the name - all leather - but it was more like $200. They had other brands too. Not sure what the deal is. But - on this one I bet the tag was switched.