i was just asked to be on NBCs marriage ref.....lol

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  1. for those of you who arent familiar......its a show on NBC created by jerry seinfeld

    they bring couples onto the show who have ongoing fights about something

    they have a celebrity panel or "jury" who listen to both sides of the argument from husband and wife then offer the "marriage ref" or "judge" their opinion on the situation

    then he decides who is right

    anyway.......i got a message in my inbox on youtube from a woman who is a casting producer for the show

    she saw some of my videos and asked if my nails are the cause of any bickering between me and my wife......she asked me if we ever fight about the length......about certain colors......etc

    when i told her we never fight about them at all because it was originally my wifes idea.......she seemed a bit taken back and didnt seem to believe it


    i love it
  2. Well, you surely surprised her and make her think twice now about not judging a book by its cover (in this case, some videos of you online). :smile:
  3. true....although im not 100% sure she really did

    whats funny though is that she must have seen more of what i have online because she mentioned my wife (so she knows im straight and married instead of doing what many do and assuming im gay) and then mentioned doing a piece at her salon to help get her some press


    i almost wish we were good enough to fake it just to be on tv

  4. I'm confused, so you were asked to be on the show because of your nails, but you will not be on the show because your nails are not something you fight over?
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    Last edited: Sep 25, 2010

    she asked if we ever fought over my nails and wanted to have it "resolved" on the show........but because its one of the things we dont ever argue about.......we had to turn it down.....the whole point of the show is to have a panel and "ref" hear disputes spouses have.......she thought it would be a different topic for them

    she wasnt sure if it was something we ever bickered about.....which is why she asked if we did
  6. moving this as it's not beauty related. . .
  7. there must not be much interest in that show if they have to browse the internet looking for people to be on the show! I mean, I think I might have been offended - if someone just randomly asked me if something they saw on the internet was the source of fighting between my spouse & I. Esp if it's not something that you've ever discussed online.

    Don't people usually submit themselves to shows like that, actually WANTING to be a contestant (or guest, or whatever)?
  8. there isnt much interest....they ran their previews during the olympics and the ratings were still a step below terrible

    typically they will let people know what they are looking for and they will usually meet with you if you claim to have what they are looking for

    that said it is pretty common for networks to use the various social networking sites to help bring in people as its free for them and they usually get a good response....but even still they usually put something out there and wait for people to come to them

    i was def a little surprised she came to me

    its too bad it wasnt another show..........because i would love to be on tv and help the cause for men with great nails and show that any guy can pull it off if they want to
  9. ok cool

    i only posted it there because its a nails related issue and thats the only forum i typically post in
  10. Shows definitely look to social media for leads, I know we've been tapped here for a certain huge show :biggrin:
  11. no question

    free access to a huge audience

    i was just shocked that she actually came to me......because that isnt typical
  12. No, I don't doubt it in this day and age - with Face Book and My Space and Twitter and everyone and their brother baring their souls online. It probably makes casting some shows a lot easier. But a show like the Marriage Ref - where the theme is a dispute between spouses. I just meant if someone approached me and just ASSUMED it might be the source of disagreements at home, I would probably be a little offended. It's not like you've been posting online saying how much your wife hates it and you argue about it, etc - then it would make more sense. But to approach you assuming that it might be the source of disagreements -- I dunno. Don't we have enough drama w/o having to create it where none exists?
  13. i can see where you are coming from.........i can understand how some might be offended by such a direct approach......but i can also understand why she did it

    im not upset about it at all

    she saw something that she felt would be different and an attention grabber for the show....i understand a guy with long nails and nail art isnt something you see everyday......i can also see how she might think its something my wife not be on board with......because it isnt something you see everyday

    no problem

    i actually wish me and the wife would be able to fake a fight about it so we could be on the show......especially since she offered to film inside her salon as well as showcase the outside

    that would be great for her business
  14. well, I give you a lot of credit
    I'm sure that a lot of people would have made something up and agreed to do the show just to get on TV - and chances are, doing the show, faking an argument would probably lead to something more real - something uncovered and/or revealed which may have led to an actual disagreement or problem!!

    good for you for being honest and upfront. :tup:
  15. trust me......if we were capable of faking something.....we would have at least tried so i could get on tv and help the cause.......but it just wasnt gonna happen because we know we couldnt fake it and make it believable........i wish we were that good.....but thats why we arent actors i guess.....lol

    we dont have too many issues......so there isnt really anything that could have come out that we arent already aware of

    thankfully me and the wife dont fight about much at all

    we are both pretty open minded about everything