I was just admiring my neighbors new...

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  1. Hermes bag, and while I know squat about them it was just "OK" in my opinion. There I was standing with a trash bag in my hand and she had her Hermes in hers. She mentioned she took out a 2nd Mortgage on her Townhouse to buy it! $22,000.00!

    Arent you girls glad we dont have to do that? YIKES!

    Although if I had an extra $22,000.00 I would buy bags with it!

  2. That is completely insane in my opinion.....:wacko:
  3. I think it's nuts. Especially taking out another mortgage to finance a bag! On the other hand, it makes me feel somewhat sane, with my meager collection of 4 Bals...
  4. I do know moneys not an issue with her, she makes a butt load at her job. She says she buys a new Hermes every 2 years and she has them going back years and years! I went into my Hermes store at South Coast once and they treated me like crap. I swore never again.
  5. ouch...suze ormond would yell at that woman..

    last week this woman called in the show asking if she could but the birkin and it was in the approved/declined segment of the show...i loved when she stamped that big declined stamp on the birkin picture...the lady was nuts! she actually could have afforded it, they were in no debt from what i saw and had over 100K in savings...
  6. *Nods* I'm so glad I'm not into Hermes. For $22K, I'd rather have 22 bbags than 1 H bag.
  7. I wouldn't buy an H even for $1000. They're too matronly and conservative in style. I like edge or a twist in my style.
  8. matronly! theres a word! Yep, she's matronly alright! ;)
  9. :roflmfao:
  10. In my opinion, no bag is worth 22k. But then again, this is just my opinion. I am sure my mother would tell me that no bag is worth 1k! It's all relative, I suppose, to what you would be willing to spend.

    22K though...that's insane (especially when you have to make financial "plays" to gain the bag).

    I also agree that Hermes is overrated and matronly.
  11. $22K is insane to spend on one bag, especially when you have to take out a 2nd mortgage. I hope she will also buy insurance on it if it is possible.
  12. :roflmfao: I agree deco. I am glad you said it first. That way if the Hermes girls come over here and see this they will do this to you first.:noggin::P
    A second mortgage to buy a 22K bag, to me, is totally ridiculous. INTERVENTION needed. :nuts:
  13. a second mortgage for a purse...? the woman is insane.
  14. Yeah, I know each to their own but no way I would feel comfortable having or wearing something that cost more than a car I once owned. I still freak about getting something on my bag right now because of the cost. I could not imagine if I spent that kind of money on it.
  15. i'm sooooo with you...