I was just about to order my LV obsession on ELuxury...

  1. When I stopped and thought...."does buying a bag online take some of the joy out of the purchase?"

    Very Carrie Bradshaw sounding I know. ;)

    I have no Louis Vuitton stores near me and my other LV's have all come in the brown UPS box from ELuxury.

    I am going to LA next month for my anniversary.
    Should I wait to buy it at the LV store in the Beverly Center, risk the Palermo PM being sold out there or just stick with ELuxury.com where I know it is in my shopping cart and on it's way to me?

    Any and all opinions are appreciated.:yes:
  2. get it now.. dont chance it cuz then it mite be sold out !
  3. & maybe next month you can look and find a little accessory or something ?!! :tup:
  4. Veelyn, thanks for the advice!

    Do you really think the Palermo PM will be sold out at the LA store?
    I guess there is always that chance. UGH!
  5. Anyway or how you get a LV is great. Since all your LV's come from Elux, I would wait just the month until you can get to the boutique. They could have new releases and other items not available on Elux.
  6. I dont know for sure.. but I would guess so because LA is a very popular city especially with all the stars and celebrities.. Thats just what I think though lolz :shrugs:
  7. I am a bit of a gambler so I would roll the dice and get in when you are in LA. First of all going to the store is quite fun, also since it is your anniversary you can remember getting the bag during that trip, I am also nostalgic!
  8. I live in LA and there are a ton of Palermos at the LV stores.
  9. I would go for the Boutique experience - too much fun! Also, it's wonderful to remember buying it, especially for an anniversary.

    I have a special fondness for my boutique bags~~
  10. i would wait to get it when it u can actually go to a boutique

    i live in LA and i think there are like 5 LVs near me (lol) so if one store's sold out of something i know i could always check another. :smile:

    and plus with elux, u are taking the chance of possibly getting a used bag. it's a small chance, but i've seen at least two threads on here where people here ended up getting used bags from elux (the hardware was scratched, protective covers were missing, and other evidence of use). if this kind of thing really does not matter to you, and you really want to make sure you want to get the bag then by all means go for eLux (you will save the $$ on tax, since California charges 8.25% sales tax)
  11. Thanks everyone!

    I have decided to purchase the bag at the store.
    I am so excited!
  12. Have a wonderful anniversary in LA and enjoy the boutique experience! You'll have a very special handbag to remember it by.
  13. I think it's way more fun and memorable to get it a store, and while on vacation, even better :yes:
  14. ITA! :tup:

    p.s. Have so much fun!
  15. I just realized how I take for granted that I have 3 LV stores within 45 minutes of my house.... ENJOY your trip and your anniversary purchase!!