I was inspired by another DH, so another Birkin for her: "Happy Valentine's Day DW"

  1. Skim inspired me:tup:...so picking up a 35 cm Gold Togo Birkin with PHW...to match her H shoes...got a call from our SA...a client declined this order. We love our SA...he's the best best ever...if I can only tell the SAs that have treated me and my wife so unfairly that we've found an SA that truly appreciates us...I'd be so glad!!!

    DW going to be super happy and surprise for this catch because she wants to take this versatile color to Russia next month. Our two boys now think that if there's a special occasion, the wife gets a Birkin! How sad but funny and not necessarily true! Will add photos later when I pick it up...she's been so busy, she hasn't had the time to peek in this forum at all so I know my secret's safe.

    Mai Tai and Deux Armoires...you've inspired my wife with the scarves...it's her trademark now at the hospitals were she works...gone are the South Sea Pearls and in with the colorful Hermes scarves!!! She's officially an H girl now: shoes, bracelet, bags, wallets, cadenas, swimwear, jacket, shawl, and did I say scarves?

    Thank you ladies of the forum :flowers:for pointing me the right way in my quest starting a birkin/kelly collection for my wife...but no Kelly yet!!! Soon...but not too soon, because 3 birkins in 4 months makes my wallet go OUCH!!!
  2. What a great valentines day your DW is going to have! I have that very same combination birkin and it is so versatile! Post pics when it arrives. I never tire of looking at Hermes bags. You are so thoughtful!

    I have to get my DH to start hanging out over here (yea right!)
  3. what a lucky wife!

  4. Petpringles,

    If this was a vote, I would vote for you for husband of the year at tPF. What a nice gesture for Valentine's day. I am sure your DW is not expecting another H bag so soon, so it will be a great surprise... congrats!
  5. :tup::tup: Lovely Husband.
  6. Could you please send those "buy the lovely woman a Birkin" vibes to my SO?
  7. Maybe I am sick but I really like looking at my wife with a birkin in one hand...looking so sophisticated, condifent, carefree and yes, even sexy...maybe I, in a selfish way, I bought it for me? KWIM?!! Hahaha

    Thanks ladies, got to be honest here, I get a kick out of making my wife smiling, happy and contented!

    Thanks so much for sharing my excitement!
  8. Congratulations! I'm sure your wife will love her new Birkin!
  9. Nice! Gold is such a classic!
  10. congrats!!! love gold!!!
  11. 3 birkins in 4 months!.....wow your DW is one lucky lucky woman :smile:
  12. petpringles, what a great husband you are!
    I hope your wife enjoys her Valentine's Day surprise. :smile:
  13. im sure your wife will love her new birkin!! what a lucky girl!!
  14. Fantastic....congratulations to you on your great find and may I also say that you are just a darling man!!!
  15. yep, this way of thinking makes me feel less guilty about spending our hard-earned savings -- a birkin for the both dh and me!!

    job well done, petpringles! she won't even know what hit her!!!