I was in bag heaven today!

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  1. I went to an outlet mall today and it was FANTASTIC! I so rarely go anywhere for a long time because I have a toddler, but he enjoyed walking and then he fell asleep. For the first time EVER I went to Saks outlet and today they were having a buy one, get second one 50% off - started today. They had so many bags! I saw for the first time Kooba, Linea Pelle for instance. At Nordstrom Rack I guess they just got a new shipment today, so I saw new bags there too.... now I forget who! Then, at TJMaxx and Marshalls they had some nicer bags too.

    It was JUST so NICE to feel and see these bags so that I had an IDEA of they quality and style and weight and TRUE size... bliss!! And I was SOOOOOOOO good too! That was the hard part! :upsidedown:
  2. OOOOooohhhh...sounds like my idea of a perfect day!:smile: