I was horrified when I saw this bag.....Your thoughts?

  1. Fendi.jpg
  2. :shocked:
  3. He he - I think it's kinda funny ... but NOT at that price level!
  4. It's a wee bit over the top...maybe some collectors out there would covet this, but not me.
  5. What a monster of a bag!
  6. It looks like something that came out of a swamp! lol
  7. agreed.... I can't seriously imagine walking down the street with this on my arm
  8. It actually scares me a bit. It seems like something could hide under the gross part in the front.
  9. I saw the bag at NM. The one I saw had black yarn on the sides of the bag and it reminded me of dreadlocks. I told the SA, that I was a bit offended by the bag. (Which is stramge for me, because bags usually don't offend me, nor do I have dreadlocks.) She said that I should be, because it was supposedly "rasta" inspired. Anyway, I saw the SA a couple of weeks later and they sold the bag. It was on sale, but it still sold for about $2,000! The SA told me that the other SAs kept telling her not to say anything about how horrible the bag was to the customer!
  10. Dreadlocks :confused1: It looks like it is drooling continuously...:yucky:
  11. I have no idea why, but it reminds me of oscar the grouch for some reason!!:shrugs:
    Maybe because it looks like something you'd find in his trash can!!!
  12. ick! Thats about all i can say about that!
  13. Lol!
  14. I hate to say it but I think no one is more adept at making heinous bags than Fendi.
  15. reminds me of pirate beards! ew...