i was goin' to buy...

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  1. i was in NYC on Wed, about to pick up couple of bags till...i lost my wallet that night:crybaby: my everything is in there, credit+debit+license+schoolat me, ID...thank god not my SSN. and it's the second louis vuitton wallet i've lost, a gift from dad...haven't told my parents yet, they're gonna be mad at me...so i have this thought, should i just go buy the same wallet and never tell them or just tell the truth? gee,i've blamed myself zillions of times been sooooo careless and i hate going through all the process to get the cards back~:crybaby:
  2. Tell them the truth. They might get back but they will give you and remind you of things you have to do with all the info you have lost.
  3. oh, i'm so sorry for your lost.
    i said, tell 'em the truth!
  4. I'd tell them the truth too... if you buy a replacement, it will always remind you of what happened. It's best to let go of that wallet now.
  5. Sorry to hear that. Agree with the others - you should tell your parents the truth.
  6. Best to tell the truth.
  7. Sorry to hear about your lost. Although it may be hard to tell your parents, I would still tell them the truth.
  8. awww i know how that feels...i lost my epi french purse two years ago and one week later my hairstylist calls me tells me that she found my wallet in the parking lot. i got in trouble by my parents for being so careless but it feels better after you tellin them rather than keeping it to yourself and being stressed so just tell your parents..and im sure it will make you feel A LOT better~ and cheer up!!!:smile:
  9. Ouch, that sucks. I'd tell them the truth...they're likely to find out anyway when you cancel your credit cards.
    And I'm sorry that happened to you. Sorry for jumping into advice.
  10. yeah, i figured tell them is the better option~
    so i did, to my surprise, my parents didn't give me a hard time at all, they just told me to be more careful~and...asked me what do i want for a new wallet;) isn't that just so sweet of them?i felt even guiltier of losing the first one now~and they sure got me thinking about my next wallet:graucho:
  11. I agree with others to tell them the truth. The truth is easier to keep track of. One lie turns into so many lies!
  12. So sorry...I know it's a pain.