I was given the Miu Miu mermaid brooch!

  1. Obviously, somebody was listening to all of my talk about fantastic beasts. I like this, and I think it satisfies my craving!!

    This brooch was pinned on a dress for the Miu Miu runway show (on the skirt of the dress) and it was used in the ad campaign in a similar way. It has been pinned to coats -- several fashion mags. showed it. Picture courtesy of Net-A-Porter since I haven't photographed this yet. And the runway picture is courtesy of firstVIEW Photo Lists.
    index.jpg 00159.L.JPG.jpg
  2. It's beautiful! You have to post a picture of you wearing it. I bet it can be adorable dressed up or down.
  3. Thanks!! As soon as I pin it onto something, I'll do just that!
  4. HOW CUTE!!Please post pics!!!!
  5. Congrats melisande!! :heart: I can't wait to see pics! That brooch looks lovely~
  6. I'm going to pin it on something I own and take a picture this weekend. Stay tuned!
  7. I am a broch lover and that's so unique. I really love it. I'm sure you'll love wearing it. Post pics.
  8. I love it! cant wait to see pics of you wearing it.
  9. Ahh! I think it's beautiful! You're very lucky. :smile:
  10. ^^^ Thanks! Sorry I didn't get a chance to take pics over the weekend. I ended up being unexpectedly busy -- as my Dad's been ill recently.

    Will try to get the pics together soon.
  11. Beautiful - can't wait to see picture when you get the chance and I hope your Dad is ok:flowers:
  12. Here's some quick, not so great, pictures of what the brooch looks like pinned on a grey winter coat. Should have done up the coat, as I'm wearing shorts underneath!

    Anyway, this gives a bit of the idea! I'd like to try pinning this to a skirt, as well.
    MiuMiubrooch1.jpg MiuMiubrooch2.jpg
  13. Thank you so much. That's very kind!
  14. melisande it looks so lovely on you!!! :love: I hope your dad is doing better. :heart:
  15. cute!!!