I was fondling ...

  1. the scarf print V Day wristlet again tonight. :love: I went to Southlake and went into Coach for a few minutes. DS#2 seemed to be feeling pretty well today (he was at work with me again because he had a 103 fever last night and it was still 100 this morning). He didn't run a fever for the rest of the day and was a good boy watching DVDs on my computer. He and DS#1 wanted to go to get food out so we went over there and I swung by Coach before they closed (they close at 7 on Fri). I looked over the newer stuff and I really want to get some Heritage Stripe pieces like a cosmetic bag and the large tote - it's the perfect size! I hope it's around for PCE because I just can't bring myself to pay full price AND I can't really get anything major right now anyways. Tried on the madeline tote and like her. I want to back when the new sig stripe bags are out although I already know I'd want the large and it's not available in pink right now. My favorite SA said it's going to be a real bubble-gum color of pink. I wish I could have bought something but I had fun looking and the SAs were so nice talking to DS#1 about school and Pokemon (which DS#2 was playing on a Gameboy that the boys share).
  2. Sometimes it helps to just get close to something, touching and trying it on, to calm those urges to buy. I need to do that more often then just buying. I am not a big fan of pink, but a bubble gum pink sounds nice. What shade of pink would you say the signature stripe totes are? I thought that the shade of pink in the swing pack like Fields got is kind of a nice shade of pink.
  3. I am also happy to hear that ds#2 is feeling better. I love it when you can go into a place and look around while the SA's are nice and interact with your kids. It makes for better behaved kids to have that kind of interaction with the employees.
  4. I agree! I always shop w/my little guy and the SA's at my store just love him! They call him their little Coach buddy, and talk to him about whatever Power Ranger or Transformer that he happens to be playing with. And I'm glad your son is feeling better too. Is so hard when they are sick.
  5. Thanks ladies! He's on antibiotics now for his ears so that should help somewhat. He and DS#1 are usually really well-behaved so it's not a problem to go in. The only time I remember not being to enjoy visiting was a couple of months ago when we all went Northpark and DS#2 wanted to ride up and down the escalator. DH finally got tired of doing it and of course DS#2 threw a little bit of a hissy as he was tired so that was a short window-shopping trip :rolleyes:
  6. Saw the title and had to read your post....I think I may be doing some fondling at Coach this weekend also. It's just too close to PCE to think about buying a bag right now!!:sad:

    I:heart: the scarf print v day wristlet too!
  7. Oh and DS#1 wanted to know what he could buy me for VDay. I told him he didn't have to do that but he said "I want to get something to make you happy." :shame: So he asked the SA at the register how much each and every keyfob and cellphone charm was. And she was SO nice and told him. I told him that maybe DH could bring him back after VDay when he's back in TX but that I would much rather him make me something like a card. I love my kids :love:
  8. Awww, how sweet! Your son sounds like such a cutie. Hope DS#2 feels better soon and things will improve when your DH gets home. Hang in there! :heart:
  9. Your DS's remind me of my own, I have 2 & 1 DD. I hope he heals in his ears soon and feels better. My DS brought his DS lite (Nintendo DS that is LOL) inside the Coach outlet last time I was there, he sat in his stroller & played with it and was so good for mama!
  10. when do you think the large signature stripe tote will be out in pink?? it should be really cute!!
  11. Soon I hope but they need to have enough to last to PCE!
  12. This totally made me laugh! :lol:
  13. It's funny now but not so much at the time :lol: But he's so cute it's hard to stay mad at him for any time at all...
  14. I hope you're little is feeling better soon.
  15. hope DS#2 feels better soon! I'm with you....I have been going to my store to "fondle" things too. Just can't buy right now...so you're not alone!:nogood: