I was excited but now I am pissed

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  1. I ordered a mini lilac cabat last Thur from Wailea BV and was so excited when it came today....but before I was even able to take modeling pics, I was so so so disappointed when I saw this HUGE scratch on the handle!

    Unfortunately, my SA is off on vacation till Thu, and the manager who actually picked the bag for me won't be back till Wed......

    The unhelpful SA who answered the phone told me I have to send the bag to them in order to exchange, and she said the manager might be able to send me a return label for me to use since it is their fault for sending a faulty bag to me. So the unhelpful SA is simply telling me to wait till Wed.

    And since the only bag they have left is a display, I want them to transfer another bag for me from another HI boutique since I don't want a display bag....but since this is LE, I so worry that by Wed there won't be anymore non-display bag left that are of perfect condition.....

    I am so sad, any advise on what I should do......the unhelpful SA told me not to worry about the 10-day limit for exchange, and insisted that I should just wait till Wed and she's sure that they will be able to get another one for me from another store....

    It's the kind of luck that I have I tell ya, first the Ostrich Copper Belly then this one.....

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  2. First of all, hikarupanda, congrats on your great decision to get the lilac mini cabat!!

    But oy, that's a pretty bad scratch:Push:, I'm sorry...{{{hugs}}} I would email about it with the pic attention to your SA and the manager, and call them again on Wednesday (one more day, yes?). I probably email/call bv.luxry for help also.

    You deserve a perfect cabat that you are absolutely happy with. Sending super positive vibes on your way!!:heart:
  3. Thanks, I have emailed the manager and my SA with pics too.....

    Mmmm....you think bv.luxury can help me??
  4. Congrats on such a beautiful bag. I hope I can get a small something in that color.

    Your cabat should be perfect. They're so expensive and I'm sure they'll stand behind it. It's just an inconvenience when it should be such an exciting time.

    It sounds like you and I have similar luck when it comes to bags. They'll make it right, and you'll get a perfect Lilac Cabat!

    Congrats on a fabulous bag!
  5. ^ Thanks piperlu, I just emailed bv.luxury too just to see what he'd say......*sign*.....

    I asked the manager several times to check the condition of the bag, she even put me on hold to take a look.....the scratch is quite big as you can see in pic (and you know how picture usually hides flaws, so in real life it could look even worse from some angles.....)

    It took me like 1 min to catch that scratch....I don't know, maybe the manager was blind....
  6. Yes, do not worry...BV will make this right. It should not have happened in the first place, and I feel your pain. Unfortunately all people do not pay close attention to detail, and that is frustrating.
  7. Sending you some hugs too! It is a gorgoeus bag, but it should be perfect. I am sure the Manager in Hawaii can help.

    What a gorgeous Cabat, though! Another will be on it's way in a couple of days.
  8. I agree that the scratch is unacceptable, but oh my goodness that is one gorgeous bag. GORGEOUS!

    Too bad I am not buying anything until Christmas (btw it seems like months since I made that decision and I think it hasn't even been a week...didn't I just get that alhambra????) :sweatdrop:
  9. don't worry bv will totally make this right.
    years ago i bought a cabat and i saw that it had a serious defect. i called bv and they said to bring it in and they would take a look and send it in for a rush repair. i was a little surprised they didn't offer a replacement but i went with it. they sent it to 5th avenue for repair. it was back in 2 weeks and it was absolutely perfect.
    so please don't worry. your bag is beautiful. it is unfortunate that it has a scratch but bv will make it right.
  10. Could I ask the price of the Mini? Feel free to slap me if I am being too nosy!
  11. Gorgeous bag. Don't worry. They will make this right.
  12. Bryan is now trying to see how he can help me to arrange shipping it back to Wailea, since I have to ship it back to Wailea first in order to receive another one. The SA at Wailea are so not helping about this, she just kept saying wait till the manager is back....finger cross Bryan will be able to sort this out.....

    The bag is $3400 plus tax
  13. Thanks for the info!

    I bet Bryan will fix things for you!
  14. Aww so sorry to hear that hikaru!! The same thing happened with my nero lg capri and I wasn't able to get anyone helpful on the line, but when I brought the bag back, they gave me a perfect one.(i felt guilty they gave me the bag someone else was suppose to pick up, but someone else did take the new bag that i originally preordered as well)

    Big hugs, and I'm sure things will work itself out! Try to distract yourself with other things until then! Good luck!
  15. sorry this happened to you. i know bryan can help you make it right. he has been good to very good to us at tPF :smile:

    don't let it spoil your love for this beautiful bag