I was doing so well this week

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  1. OOh you naughty girl, it looks good enough to eat. Enjoy your wickedness!
  2. oooh the leather looks beautifully and soft and used. When will it arrive????

    I thought it was going to be another Mitzy for a min when I opened the link lol ;)
  3. Hew, looks like a fantastic bargain! Well done!
  4. Of course you couldn't resist that yummy piece of calorie-free chocolate!!! It looks gorgeous hew!
  5. Great purchase hew. Good price and it looks fantastic! A nice change from the mitzys too.
  6. Fab choice and great price- I got mine from the same lady and never looked back!!!!
  7. No more Mitzies for a while - I think I may have enough now!
    I've always loved the old chocolate ones - I like chocolate bags when they are a little aged - I like my poppy hobo as its antique leather so I thought this was perfect for me. Since my red Roxanne is now back from stud repair she may be rehomed to make way, but I haven't decided yet.
  8. You can never have enough Mitzys- Im looking for a medium in black or oak or a messenger in either so if you see one let me know- please.... have tried outlets but no luck!!
  9. oooh, choc roxy is divine! Congrats!
  10. I was lucky and got my oak messager at My-Wardobe just before the AMEX20 stopped working on Mulberry. My turquoise was an outlet purchase so they do get them in. the turquoise is a delicious colour - so soft and Summery.
  11. Your turquoise is delicious!!! but would settle for an oak!!!
  12. Chocolate is such a great color! The bag looks lovely! You enjoy her - it is always nice to have a change...
  13. Lovely Hew - nothing like a piece of choccie to brighten up your day.
  14. Congrats Hew, looking forward to the pics!!