I was cleaning out my wardrobe, and found like 6 pairs of shoes ...

  1. I didn't want anymore, so my mum was the same size, and I asked if she wanted them, she took 4 pairs, then she just gave away a pair of Fly boots I had paid £160 for (had only worn them twice) to her friend!
    I'm annoyed, I would never have charged my mum for them, but she didnt want them so I would've sold them on eBay, they're making around £60. I said to my mum to tell her friend that I would like some money for them, we agreed £25, and I've waited a month now and she's still not given me anything.
    What should I do? She's been wearing them so they're not in good condition anymore :sad:
  2. IMO, Just let it go. Maybe your mom didn't really know how much you paid for them. Also you gave them to her so I think once you "give" them to her, it's up to her to do whatever she wants. If it really bothers you why don't you give your mom's friend a friendly reminder that she still owe's you money.