I was botched in Korea and I had revision in the US

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  1. But I agree some clinics are totally shady and fishy and they botch you just for money..
    but I still think there are some gems in Korea. !
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  2. I have to completely, wholeheartedly, absolutely agree with racistdoll. FIrst and foremost, I am sick and tired of the word "racist" being thrown everywhere. It's as if I say that black people have nice curly hair and people accuse me of racism. Same thing if I said that Indians tend to be vegetarian and people accuse me of racism. It's stupid.

    Like the other person, I have worked with lots of Asian people since 2016 and Koreans are absolutely the worst. They just lack attention to detail, they focus on quantity rather than quality, they are overconfident and can get degrees very easily. Do you have any vague idea of how intensive and long a craniofacial or maxillofacial surgery trainings are in the USA or even in Europe? And yet a Korean can be 22 years old and do surgery on the face. I am sick and tired and I have seen this in other fields too.

    By all means, go to Korea if this is what you want, but, ask yourself if you have seen results in REAL LIFE. Understand? REAL LIFE! Because their unscrupulous practices and photoshopped photos are useless
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  3. yes, yes, yes. I had botched surgery in 2014 but I started consulting and entertaining the idea since 2011. You have no idea how much time I spent online and sending e-mails. I read stellar reviews of this clinic and the doctor who botched me was very good with e-mails and always answered my e-mails. Also, please check my post history. I found this forum recently and consulted with several surgeons: Dr. Charles Lee and Dr. Kimberly Lee, plus, Ihave the CAT scan images that speak volumes.
  4. upload_2018-11-28_10-33-26.png

    this is the stuff I am getting
  5. Oh alright, hope you have a nice recovery. Keep us updated months from now if you'd like please
  6. Hi yall. I just want to point out that the majority of posts on this website seem very fake, and what is likely happening is that doctors from competing clinics around the world are hiring people/themselves posting fake posts to shift the narrative. So before making your decision, do your due diligence, and honestly this site is unlikely the source you should use to make your final decision. That being said.
  7. @Denyagan
    It must be such a relief to have the botched surgery finally corrected. Really, it's a big gamble. Spending all that money on the original surgery only to find that there are more costs involved for yet another procedure to correct it because it was a poorly done. Terrifying. At least it's over and things are good for you now.
    How much did your surgery with cost in the US? I am looking to get my jawline reduced and chin corrected as they're asymmetrical and would like a more feminine contour. I've been around here for about a year now but haven't made a move yet regarding the surgeries I want, i've just been reading and thinking a lot about it.
    I'd go to the US and have jaw reduction/facial contouring with Dr. Dechamps Braly but I don't know what costs I should expect. I have about £20000 - £25000 for funds. And with that I want a rhinoplasty, bullhorn lift, facial contouring/jaw & chin reduction, fat graft or filler (or perhaps a smas facelift) and surgery to correct my tired eyes, remove dark under eye circles.
    The jaw and chin reduction and rhinoplasty are the first priority however as these areas I feel strongly about.

    What advice can you give me? Make sure the surgeon is a maxillo facial specialist and craniofacial specialist with years experience?
    I would consider the US for facial contouring with your surgeon or Dechamps but the prices, what should I expect?
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  8. Hello there, yes, make sure the surgeon is a maxillofacial or craniofacial. Absolutely. As for the costs of my surgery, the surgeon in Korea caused so many damages to my face that the insurance had to cover corrective surgery since it was no longer cosmetic but reconstructive. I only had to pay deductibles/copays and plane ticket and hotel.
  9. my posts are 100% and I have shown before and after pictures and images from the cat scan
  10. I don’t understand the point to come to this forum focused on asian plastic surgery just to say « all korean surgeon are bad and shady go to USA girls »
    This sounds weird to me, maybe you are yourself a promoter for some American surgeons lol
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  11. But I’m done with this thread I just wanted to expose my opinion
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  12. Because Asia is not Korea. You understand that? Korea is one of the many countries in Asia. The education system in Japan, for instance, is million years more advanced than in Korea.
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  13. That doesn’t explain why most of Japanese go to Korea for surgeries tho.. maybe Chinese system is also millions years more advanced than In korea but bizarrely most of them still go to Korea.
    If most people get botched like you said, why they still go to Korea so ?.
    Asian people are not that stupid as you can say.. they would not continue to go to Korea if all people get botched.
    Korea has an aesthetic sense, most other USA and Europe are into medical things.
    Don’t tell me european surgeon are better, I consulted a lot and they are ****y about esthetic things. Maybe a lot of studies or idk but they don’t see beauty like korean could do.
    But as I said before.. I’m done because I know this convo will never ends.
    Glad you are ok with your face now, but don’t try to generalize or change people mind about korea. Usa and Europe also have botched cases, I know a girl who got a face totally damaged by simple wisdom teeth removal in EUROPE. And now she can’t work talk or live correctly.
    The only difference is that in Europe and USA esthetic surgery is not as important and famous as in Korea so botched case are not as present in medias and newspapers. I have never heard of botched case in Europe besides famous people, because people just don’t talk about it since surgery is a secret In those countries.. we are not as open as Korea talking about it.
    I hope nobody will get botched of course, but surgery is a gamble in all countries.
    Sorry for my noob English. I’m not fluent.
    Have fun on this thread peeps !
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  14. You do not understand. You simply do not understand. You refuse to pay attention. I never said that in Europe and in the US every surgeon is a GOd or perfect. For Christ's sake, there are horrible surgeons everywhere, in the US and in Europe, however, while in Europe and USA you can find very bad surgeons and very good surgeons, in Korea, most of the surgeons are very mediocre.

    People are naive and are blinded by the stupid fake before and after pictures. I have read academic papers, I have done my research, I am not pulling stuff out of my ass. I know what the **** I am talking about. I would go to Europe, Canada, US even Brazil for surgery, but NEVER to Korea, not anymore. Been there, done that. I am much much much wiser now. Again, I have done my research, you haven't. Their techniques (in Korea) suck. They do not use the proper techniques of other countries. They only care about money and quantity as opposed to quality. Enough said, you will not change my mind, since I have been there, and many other people too.
  15. You seem very aggressive in the way you are answering.
    It’s just a forum chill. We are here to share advices,opinions.