I was bored!!!!!

  1. I was in my car heading to my daughter's school (she is 4 and goes to KG and was chosen as the best student for the week and they were throwing her a tiny party! isnt that adorable? haha) anyway the driver was stuck in traffic so i was bored .. I looked at my RV sitting on the seat beside me .... (see the first pic) .. and I was like awwwwwww poor thing!! no seatbelt!!! ... ok ... not any more .. (see second pic) .. needless to say my driver didnt stop peeking at me from the rearview mirror the whole way!! haha
    22042007375.jpg 22042007374.jpg
  2. That is so cute! It looks like it should be buckled in....I once got into a car accident and my purse ended up on the floor with all of it contents everywhere...this would sure stop that from happening!
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:

    your rv is gorgeous!!
  4. :roflmfao: :roflmfao: Very funny and cute!! (You have a driver?)
  5. You are such an overprotective parent! LOL BBag parent that is.:p
  6. LOL... now that is funny!! :yes:
  7. that's funny but cute! i usually gently lay my bbag on the passenger seat if i'm driving by myself or on my lap when dh is driving.
  8. hahaah that is so cute! i wanna do that too LOL.
  9. ur such a good B mummy ! :roflmfao: how about a lil cute baby seat for the bag as well ? :yes:
  10. hisangel, your pic made me LOL! Thanks so much for that. In the way of Bbag mommies, you ROCK!
  11. That is too cute!!! Love the RV color
  12. I want a driver and your RV!
  13. hmm a baby seat pic would be sooooooo cute!!! anyone wana take that pic? haha .. lets make this a fun (baby bbags pic thread) ..
  14. OMG maha, u're too funny :roflmfao:
  15. :roflmfao: ha ha ha .... that's funny and soooo cute his angel :lol: - you're the greatest :yahoo: :love: