I Was Bad Today...Opinions Wanted!

  1. OK ladies (and any gentlemen who may be reading who want to chime in!), I made a little visit to Bellagio Chanel today and picked up some stuff I had no idea I would. I originally came in to order the red expandable flap, to get the Fleur de Strass bracelet, and to just browse at shoes, etc. but this is what I came out with: Black cap (!), Black baby cabas (again! This is my second go-round with this bag!) and the Fleur de Strass! I always fall in love with the cabas when someone puts up pics on the forum. I tell myself it is totally "me". I bought one once, then had second thoughts and sold her. I saw one at the trunk show, tried it on, liked it more, but was trying to concentrate on the stuff I came in for: New trunk show goodies and red expandable. No red expandable, so I thought I'd think it through some more, then order if I really wanted it. I inquired on the cabas yesterday and was told they were gone. I came in today, thinking I'd order it (I REALLY want a red bag!) and after trying on the red drawstring chain tote in that same red, was kind of iffy on the shade. :shame: And there was another baby cabas there that just came in today! It was the only one! I put it on again, felt it tugging at my heart, so I decided to just get it. :shame: AND I tried on a pair of flat stretch boots with patent toe and heel and an AWESOME pair of heels/booties that I can't fully describe because they're pretty funky. They have an elastic piece of leather that turns them into booties, but it's totally detachable and they can be worn as plain pointy pumps. ARRGH! AND I'm already listed for the black lambskin jumbo with silver h/w AND a jacket that I will be paying for FOREVER. LOL. I don't know what to do. I just sold my pink reporter to fund my red expandable purchase, so it's not TOO bad, but I'd like some opinions. Here are some pics. And I'm sorry for rambling!

    So, the questions are: Does the cabas work for me? I've come to realize that my HG is never gonna happen. The diagonal cc tote is long gone. I think that's part of the reason I've not given into the cabas. I was holding out. Also, I think it's a good long term bag, but honestly, is it now too "common" and "trendy"? Does the cap look completely ridiculous? I think it's so, so cute, and it's very hard to find. I felt I HAD to grab it. Not sure if it looks dorky on me. I'm not the best judge. :p

    PS. Oh, I also found this adorable necklace from 2005. Not at the boutique, but thought I'd post anyway... :shame:

    If you've read this far, you are truly a doll! LOL :love:
    Chanel Cap.jpg Chanel Cap and Cabas.jpg Chanel Cap and Cabas full.jpg Chanel Eiffel Tower Necklace.jpg
  2. I just have to say that is the cutest hat I have ever seen! It looks amazing on you, especially with the cabas! Great purchase!
  3. Haha, that's too funny and cute that you sold and repurchased the black baby cabas! :roflmfao: I think you made a great decision though, because you look fabulous with it!! :tup: :heart: I think that while the Cabas is having its moment now, it's still a totally cute and functional unstructured tote you can use years from now... IMO, totes never really go out of style. :smile: I really love the cap on you too... you pull it off soo well, and the necklace is adorable! :heart: Congrats and enjoy all of your new amazing goodies!! :yahoo:
  4. Oooh! I know exactly the shoes that can be worn as booties that you are talking about. Those are amazing. So clever. I saw an actual pair of boots like that too. They were a plain pair of ankle boots but could be worn with a harness type thingy that looked so hot!!!

    Both the bag and cap look great on you.
  5. I think all 3 pieces look great on you!
    Definately KEEP the cabas this time!
  6. You are so making me want a cabas!!!
  7. I loooove everything! That necklace is too cool and the cap look great on you! I want one too.:love:
  8. The cabas looks great on you!! Trullllyyyyyyy :okay:
  9. everything on you looks hot! congrats.
  10. I think you did great! Everything looks wonderful.
  11. You should keep all of them... you look gorgeous wearing them.
  12. You guys are so sweet! I am keeping the cabas! I tried it on with some other things (mainly the Chanel jackets for my other post) and loved it with everything! Thanks so much for your help, everyone! I'm happy to be a member of the cabas club! :love:
  13. Both the necklace and the cabas looks great on you.
  14. oh i love the hat! it's so cute, how much did you get it for if you don't mind me asking :graucho:good choice on the cabas, she's a real keeper. i'm in love with mine :love::love::love:
  15. the hat is SO cute!!! and it fits you because u have such nice full hair to go with it! keep the hat its not dorky at all! and the cabas!!! I LOVE IT! it goes really well with the hat actually haha