I was BAD today-Epi Pochette

  1. Just bought a black Epi pochette on Elux. Very bad but I really needed it! It completed my Passy bag-how can you not have the pochette to match! So practical too because in the Michigan snow I don't like to carry my purse in every store or out for groceries, etc.:graucho:

    At least they had free shipping and I didn't have to pay sales tax.
  2. Feels so good to be bad!:graucho: Congrats!
  3. Congrats on your new purchase!
  4. Enjoy your bag! (I have been bad, too!)
  5. Oh congrats! Post pics of you wearing it! I have also been bad!
  6. It comes today! I can't wait. Will have to post photos when I find my digital camera.
  7. oh i can't wait! where are you pix! i love epi!
  8. I promise to post eventually. I moved and can't find the camera. Love the pochette. Hope it brings me luck!! By the way....is the strap supposed to have the tab on the inside or the out when you connect it to the ring. Mine I put on so the little tab faces out rather than towards me....does this make sense and am I right?