i was bad...part TWO!

  1. soo...had a bit too much fun today! hit the outlet pretty hard. then headed off to return my carly- and i must say, that time at coach was the best time i've EVER had! the sa's know me as "the coach girl" and actually was all excited to see me to see which bag i was carrying and which one i was going to buy! (btw, saw the new scribble and patchwork. patchwork is fugly as heck, scribble is tolerable. STILL haven't had a chance to sniff the perfume).

    once again, not keeping all of it- much is going on eBay to make a profit.:whistle:

    sooo...here's the new carly:

    legacy sig flap in black and my GORGEOUS zoe!!!

    matching scarf print madison and zoe!

    optic lurex coin purse and logo snaps keychain:

    sig hobo and sig mini skinny for my best friend:

    and the CUTEST THING EVER, the legacy dog sweater!!! (which is, unfortunately, too small for my dog...sniff)

    not pictured: red leather collar for my dog and a ponytail scarf with hearts (i want to say it's last years valentines one, but not sure).
  2. Gosh, I'm sure the girls at the outlets love to see you. Congrats on your new stuff!
  3. okay, WHOA. you didn't yell at me?! THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END!!!

    ...are you sick? (i'm concerned here...)
  4. I'm so jealous! I've been dying for the legacy striped zoe and all the madison scarf stuff. I'm going next weekend and really hope my outlets have it still!
  5. Great haul!
  6. Wow! Nice stuff! So jealous - My outlet never has anything good.
  7. wow, sound like a very fun shopping trip :amazed:
  8. Did you get the dog sweater at the Coach store or at the outlet? I am looking for one and it's not on the Coach website anymore. :sad:
  9. ^yeah, i did. it was tucked away and hidden in the spot where they usually put all the stuff that's damaged/final sale.

  10. No I'm not sick. I'm just giving you the benefit of the doubt.;) Now you're making me change my mind.:push: Should I retract my last statement???:s
  11. I'm coming to live with you Kallison.
  12. ^^^Oh so you wanna live in the Cardboard box with her huh? Just make sure you pay her rent so you can at least afford the heavy duty cardboard.
  13. no no! all that yelling makes me bummed!

    just trust me! :yes:
  14. living with the 'rents in a fully finished basement has perks...no way i'll be homeless any time soon! hehe.
  15. Kallison, will you adopt me??? OK, I know I'm like 2x your age but so what? I think being my auntie would be good for you! Yeah?? ;)