I was BAD and kept a STUNNING BG First - Come See!

  1. I guess I'll have to chalk this one up as an early X-mas gift to Moi!!! As most of you know, I see these bags day in and day out and don't usually cave to the impulse of keeping any of them. After seeing BG Pink, I knew I had to have this color!!! Enjoy the pics!! First set of pics taken in normal light without flash, Second set are in daylight no flash. I really think the color is very accurate in each light.
    Picture 555.jpg Picture 556.jpg Picture 553.jpg Picture 554.jpg
  2. Beautiful!
  3. BG Pink is such a hit! It's the perfect shade of pink...even pink haters can stand the color because of the lilac undertones. Very pretty...congrats! It looks like yours will age nicely too..very nice, evenly distressed leather.
  4. I can see why you caved on that one... very pretty! :tup:
  5. Good for you! Gorgeous colour!

    PS - I don't know how you can resist! If I were you, I would have every style in every colour :roflmfao:
  6. sweeet! congrats!
  7. The leather looks gorgeous! Congrats and enjoy!
  8. Believe me, it's NOT EASY! Especially this season. I think I might have to cave on a Skye Blue as well. I didn't realize how great this color is until I saw it yesterday in person. VT and Sahara have wonderful leather too. It's going to be very hard this season as there are so many great choices!
  9. Thank you All for your compliments! Yes, she has great leather and I just love her! Now I have to get something pink to wear with her...that might be a challenge in my 6 month pregnant state!!
  10. Congrats sweetie.:yahoo: It must be very hard for you to resist any of these bags.:graucho: Can't wait to see a picture of your Sky Blue.:wlae:
  11. Ooow Maaay Gaawd!, That is Gorgeous!!!!!!!:drool:

    Now I HAVE TO have this color! Congrats, HGBags!:yahoo:
  12. Thank you, Nanaz and Tooshies!!! I'll post a Skye Blue later when I get one :smile: I'm thinking a Day style would be good. I picture Nikki Hilton with her 05 SB Day and love it!
  13. I have to see yours first and then i might want one too.:graucho:
  14. That BG first is gorgeous! I am getting really into this color.
  15. Well it's about dang time you caved!!! Sheesh! Of course you need Pink AND Blue ;) Gorgeous bag! Congrats!!