I was bad again...really bad...

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  1. But it feels so good! I've got a bunch of new goodies that are on the FedEx truck RIGHT NOW!!!!:yahoo:

    I went nuts for some stuff with bright, summer-y colors, including my first piece of Coach jewelry. I'm hoping to be in loooove.

    I've got nothing else going on today (well, besides a lame trip to the DMV, darn tags are overdue), so I just had to share my excitement or I was going to burst! Thanks! :tup:

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  2. What a great feeling when you know stuff is on its way!!! :wlae:
    Don't forget to post pictures!!!
  3. Wow, you got a great haul... I love all your things, can't wait to see pics! Congrats!!
  4. Thanks! I know that you have something special on the way today too! How fun! Don't you hate when work delays you from hooking up with your new special something? :biggrin:
  5. Great haul! They're all pretty but I really like the last two multicolored things.
  6. Ooooh! Love it all. Especially the perfume print bracelet. Post pics please when you get your goodies!
  7. ^^^for sure! I hate that... but then again, work is what is letting me get these bags... LOL :lol:
  8. Heehee soooo true. I worked long and hard the past 6 days in a row (plus studying), to help pay for these babies. I just lucked out that my day off happens to be when FedEx will arrive as well. :jammin:
  9. tts a lot of gd looking stuff! totally lurve the wristlets..
  10. OOOOOOhhhhhh!! So cool! I can't wait to see all of your fun new goodies! The pink on the bag, etc is so pretty :tup:
  11. I am a person that can't stand the anticipation!! I love it when I get new stuff..those are some awesome buys, they are so cute, AND PINK!!!:tup:
  12. You really got yourself some adorable things-can't wait to see pics!
  13. Beautiful! Love all the pink!!
  14. Me either!:yes: And here I thought I was done with siggy stuff...HA!
    I saw the khaki/berry combo IRL and really liked it though! And that perfume print just seemed to be so cute and fun to go with warm weather clothes once it gets above 65 degrees here...hopefully soon!:s

    The only thing is that I always seem to be one of the last stops by the FedEx guy-stuff usually arrives after 3 pm at least, if not closer to 6. Errgh. Makes it harder to conceal the boxes before hubby makes it home from work:graucho:
  15. love the colors, can't wait to see pic! :tup: