I was at TJ Maxx yesterday!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I don't know if this info was already posted-if so I apologize. My mother bought a black Coach Soho leather bag that was originally $300 for $99! :tup:When we went to purchase it, the sales associate mentioned that TJ Maxx just signed an exclusive deal with Coach and said you'd be seeing a lot more Coach at TJ's. She also said (and I don't know if this part is true) that a lot of the outlets were going to close and that's what they'd be getting, the outlet bags. Has anyone else heard this? Anyway, I couldn't believe what a great deal my mother got, I was so happy for her!!!! It's nice to know that we'll be finding way more Coach at TJ's at a fabulous price!! :yahoo:
  2. Hmmm... interesting. This is the first I've heard that! My TJs never has anything good!
  3. I've never heard that yet. All I know is my TJMaxx's are barren of Coach. You can't even find so much as a mini skinny there. Glad your mom got a good deal on the soho bag!
  4. hmm.. I wonder if she is right? There is never anything good at my TJ's or Marshalls.
  5. I was told last week, by a manager at TJs, that there will be a designer bag event starting the 16th of April.
  6. I have not heard that, but it would stink for me though! There is no TJ's by me at all!:tdown:
  7. That would be great!! I have NEVER seen a Coach bag at my TJM, I have seen a couple pairs of the sunnies, but no bags. I hope if they are going to carry more Coach, my local store will at least carry some! Hooray for your Mom!! Glad to hear she got such a great deal. :woohoo:
  8. As long as they don't close my outlet, it would be great to have more Coach at my TJmaxx.
  9. Well I will have to watch mine MAXX. The one thing I did notice was a purse that was 199.00 (yes Coach) was 249.00 last night.

    I did find my first fob there though.
  10. I've noticed that TJM sometimes will sell similar items as the outlets, but more expensive.

    I hope outlets don't close. :sad:
  11. congrats to ur mommy for gettin such a terrific deal!
  12. They aren't closing any outlets. That's a lie. And I really doubt Coach would make a contract with TJs just because coach is so weary of resellers and keeping up the brands name. But who know, I could be wrong.
  13. we are getting a TJMaxx like 10mins away! They're still building it. I hope they have some good coach deals!
  14. wow that is big news ! I hope my favorite, Tilton doesn't close that would be sad.