I was at the mall today looking at shoes...

  1. ...and a lot of the shoes were in the shiny pomme d'amour colour! :nuts: Is this just where I am or are they in other places too?

    I also noticed that Baby Phat had some demin mules that reminded me of the LV ones!
  2. Maybe it will be the hot color. I was in Home Depot looking at washers and dryers and they actually have a pomme d'amour color washer/dryer set. Of course the first thing I thought of was LV, the new red. They were about $1400.00 each and I told my DH -they are pretty but I would rather have a bag than a washer/dryer. His reply was yeah right, you are done for a long, long time. Stupid Ban!!
  3. I went to the mall last night and saw them on display. They looked amazing!
  4. Red is going to be a big color this year in all different shades.
    I didn't like the red W/D at Home Depot. It's been there since Christmas.
  5. Quick someone shoot a snapshot of those red shoes!
  6. yea, pix!
  7. Didn't have a camera but they were like ballerina flats! :nuts:
  8. if it's pomme de amour, then it's Vernis shoes correct? wouldn't one worry about how the creases are so noticable on Vernis?
  9. What looked amazing? :confused1:
  10. Omg I really hope they are at the Swedish boutique too! Only 2 weeks to go!
  11. Umm the shoes:yes: :nuts:
  12. the denim baby phat ones? :confused1:
  13. Don't just tease us, I need yummy pics :biggrin:
  14. Um, I think you guys misunderstood me, they are not LV shoes, they are just shoes that look like pomme d'amour.
  15. Yup that´s what I understood he meant:yes: