I was at the Chanel boutique...r/o

  1. I was at the Chanel Boutique in Houston-Galleria & returned the black pony-hair tote. I was a little sad at first, but I'm glad I did. I didn't see the SV bag at the boutiue so I headed over to Neimans and they had a dk.brown one. I am inlove with the style but not this color.
    I was reading another thread and someone mentioned the Chanel Valentine bags...can someone tell me what this is? Another line? ANy pics?
    So, will there be many more new styles to be released in Jan.2007? Should I wait and maybe find the bag of my dreams then or go ahead and purchase the SV one NOW?:girlsigh:
  2. If You can't find the bag of your dreams, absolutely wait.
    Chanel's are too pricey not to be in absolute love.

    Have you looked through our F/W picture threads? There's TONS of great bags!

    The Valentine line is pretty limited as far as when you can carry it and wear it with IMO.
  3. What didn't you like about the dark brown color in the SV? I'm curious because I was thinking of changing my order with Nordstrom from black to dark brown.