I was at the airport today picking up my mother

  1. and on the baggage claim belt was a LV keepall! Wasn't able to tell the size or anything but no one was eagerly waiting for it like I would be! In fact, I was sad for it, it was upside down and it seemed like such harsh treatment for it! But it still looked good!
  2. poor keepall!!! :sad: :crybaby: if i had any lv luggage, i would always carry it on.....
  3. I wouldn't like my *keepall* going through the conveyer belt at all!
  4. poor thing..
  5. I would never ever put my precious keepall through baggage!
  6. Poor keepall! I don't think I could let one out of my sight if I every had one. I suppose they're made to withstand that treatment though.
  7. Me either!!! That's crutly! I'm calling LVPS!!! [LV Protective Services] :lol:
  8. Poor thing! I would keep mine carry-on
  9. LOL good for you John!
  10. awwh, that's exactly why any luggage i get by LV has to be carry-on size. i refuse to check anything. anyone ever been on a flight where they say there is not enough room in the overhead compartments for anymore bags and the rest must be checked? i'm having anxieties that will happen to me on my flight to florida in a month, or that we'll get on one of those tiny express planes and the overhead compartments are simply TOO SMALL for my 45...ahhh!
  11. LOL, but don't cha think they will say what I do....it's luggage!!!! lol....
  12. haha :yes:
  13. haha I probably would've waited around to see if the lady/man had any other carry-on eye candy!
  14. Poor keepall.
  15. Poor baby.
    I love my MC keepall.
    I wouldn't want it to get treated like that!