I was at J.C. Pennys today and saw these bags.

  1. I do NOT understand how J.C. Penny’s can get away with selling knockoff bags of Jimmy Choo’s Ramona.:wtf::yucky:

    I guess the slight differences about the bag make it not an exact copy and therefore ok to sell. By the way, the cost for this knockoff is $49.99, and I believe on sale for $29.99. What a bargain! LOL
  2. inspired by bags are not considered knockoffs, they are made for people who like the look of certain designer bags but cannot afford the price tag :shrugs:
    Its only a knockoff when it claims to be whats its not :yes:
  3. ^^Thanks for the clarification. I guess there is a fine line.
  4. It's just a different consumer pool. Someone who frequently purchases bags at JC Penney is not the intended target of Jimmy Choo's products. And someone who has seen real Ramonas will not think that these are them, and someone who hasn't seen the real ones will not either, because these don't say "Jimmy Choo."
  5. As long as they don't have the Jimmy Name on them they are not considered fakes.
  6. That's a great deal. I don't consider them knockoffs though. And I'm pretty sure people who shop at JC Penny don't know that they are imitating Jimmy Choo.
  7. The JCP near me had some courduroy Fendi Spy bags for $49.99. That was interesting, but not fake.....just very inspired.
  8. I agree that they are not illegal and the likelihood is high that anyone who buys the bags at JCP wouldn't know who Jimmy Choo was if one of the real bags hit them in the face. Just different audiences.
  9. At f21 (which recently faced a lawsuit due to their exact copy of a dvf dress) I saw imitation fendi patent b bags. Shelves and shelves of them! And a few different rip off marc by mj flats!
  10. I heard that Marks & Spencers had to withdraw an inspired bag recently so I think they could be made to take them off even though they are not saying that they are Jimmy Choo.
  11. Well I'll admit of heard of Jimmy Choo but I have no idea what his bags look like? I don't care to either since I know I wouldn't be able to afford it anyway. So I'm one of those who would go to JCpenney and have no idea that was an inspired Jimmy Choo bag.
  12. I think some of the people who shop places like JCP and target and the like, totally get the source of the inspiration... Some would have to... not everyone who reads vogue and lucky and W magazine can afford to buy the real thing. That doesn't mean they don't have brand aesthetic savvy or knowledge.
  13. I read the fashion magazines but there is just no way I can afford anything high end designer unless of course I win the lotto someday.
  14. Same here! I have a few pieces that are fancy but ONLY because I got them on deep deep discount.
  15. Sometimes I'm reading posts on this forum and I'm like there are a lot of people who seem to be able to afford these designers. How do they do it? I'm just an average person making an average living with a family I almost feel like I'm in the minority on this forum. Spending over a $100 on a bag is a big deal to me. For some it seems like pocket change.