I was able to score a Steel Day with RH today for $100 off!!!

  1. I went down to Fashion Island today to shop and of course I stopped at Neimans. I immedietely noticed that there was a Steel Day bag just sitting there but with Regular Hardware. I grabbed it and immedietely checked inside for the card and nothing was inside. I wanted to double check the number said 3. So I asked one of the girls there, who by the way turned out to be a great SA, and we figured out that the bag had gotten returned there, even though they never sold that style and combo. There was a return receipt in the bag but what was odd was that the color number on the receipt was for a brown! And this is for sure Steel. So I don't know how this got returned when they didn't even sell it to begin with. The bag is in perfect condition and doesn't look used AT ALL.

    Then I noticed it didn't have the extra thing of tassles inside either. Obviously someone who bought it, took everything out to put their stuff in and then never bothered to put the cards and tassles back!!! GRRRR!

    The thing is, because it was missing everything inside, she gave me $100 off the purse!!!! So I got it for $895. I doubt I'll keep it though cuz I don't want another RH but I still thought it was really cool!!! :smile: I can still return even with the discount.

    And on top of everything, she said that their warehouse in Dallas may have extra tassles so she is going to find out for me tomorrow and if she can, she'll send me some Steel tassles!!
  2. Congrats :yahoo:make sure to post pics.:wlae:
  3. Starbrite310 if you are going to return it- I WANT it!!!!! Bad!!!! Can you tell me when you are returning it ( if you decide for sure you are) so I can buy it before someone else does. That'd be great-but only if you are really wanting to return it!!!!! I wouldn't want you to return it unless that is what you absolutely want to do.

  4. Wow, Star...that's a deal! So why did you buy it, if you aren't going to keep it?
  5. Because the deal was so good that I wanted the option. I can return to Neimans so it's fine. I am not going to use it until I am absolutely sure anyway.

    I also wanted to put the Steel color up to that Black SGH Brief I still have just to see how it would look with the Silver incase I decide to order that combo from BalNY ;)
  6. Yeah I'll definitely let you know if I don't keep it! Maybe you can just buy it from me? We'll see. It doesn't have the card or tassles though as I wrote in the post, but I don't think it really matters :smile:

    Didn't you want the one with SGH though too?
  7. I would buy it from Neiman's if you return it. Selling and buying isn't allowed on TPF!!!!!! Again, I just want you to let me know if you return it. I am open to RH on the Steel, not on the olive though!!!!
  8. Ok I'll let you know what I decide to do. And if I return it, it will most likely be returned at the Beverly Hills Neimans.
  9. That'd be great if you can tell me. I just want to be sure to play by the rules. I love this place. If you do keep it, I sure hope you enjoy it. Is the color all you want it to be? Maybe you can live without GH??? These bbags are sure addictive!!!!!
  10. Congrats Joey!! If only it were the SGH! I'll still be on the lookout for you.
  11. Here are some quick photos I just took. Yeah it's definitely Steel :yes:

  12. OMG - that is yummy!!!!!!
  13. Thank you!!! Oh by the way, did you call Barney's today?
  14. I haven't talked to Barneys since last week. It was a crazy weekend with the family!!!!!Have you talked to Barneys?
  15. Oh hehe I was talking to Kim actually ;)

    But yeah I was at Barneys yesterday and I bought a Tomato Coin Purse. No Steel Days in ANY hardware there though :push: