I was able to pick up my bag yesterday!!!

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  1. Even with the wind storm that came my bag got to fed ex on Sat and I was able to pic it up with no problems. :yahoo: I am just loving the city style soooooooooo much. I can put all the stuff I had in my first in it and it can hold so much more. It is a great size bag in that it is just a such a nice size.

    What color did I get???

    I bought another INK city!!! I missed the last one so I had a chance to get this one and it is a great bag!!! It is really neat how different each bag is. The last ink I had was a bit more purpley and the leather was much thinner and more distressed.

    My new ink it still a great purple-blue and the leather is much smooshier and thicker. It is distressed with out being too veiny. The leather is almost as nice as my 04 Lilac. The only bad thing is I once again found a marker mark on it. It is blue and is not very noticable as I didn't see it until today. I don't think the seller saw it either or she would of told me. It just is my strange luck and I got the bag at a great price so it is really no biggy. :shame:

    I am going to hold on to this one for a while (at least I think I am. LOL). I like the fact I don't have to worry about the handles and the leather is just so nice. Here is one pic of my new girl. I will post more later when I get a chance. :love:

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  2. oooo congrats! she looks divine.
  3. Congrats meemie. Lovely bag. I think INK is such a stunning color:yes:
  4. Congrats.
  5. aww congrats, im happy everything was fine with picking it up!!
  6. Beautiful!!!!!!!! Love It!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  7. WOW!!!!!!
    You have both my dream colors..i'm jealous...!!!!!
  8. ...well, you happened to find ink on ink, but no one will notice it! So enjoy-- she's beautiful w/ nice leather!
  9. :drool: It's beautiful meemie! Congratulations! Sorry to go off topic, but...Does this mean you didn't get the mint Magenta City off of ebay a few days ago? I was hoping you did when I saw the seller ended the auction so she could let someone BIN it for $1200. I sooo wanted the bag, and so I was hoping that you got it! Very lovely Ink though!!! Congrats again!
  10. FANTASTIC Ink city :nuts: :yahoo: the leather looks smooth and thick - gorgeous :yes: !! CONGRATS meemie :flowers: - enjoy it :love:
  11. meemie congrats!!!! i agree, with darker b bags, we won't worry bout the handles too much :P
  12. it's soooo pretty...congrats..
  13. :yes: yummy bag! congrats.
  14. CONGRATS !! you're right, the leather looks thick and smooshy !
  15. congrats!