I was a VERY bad girl today!

  1. So I went to Macy's this morning because I decided I am going to stop lusting after the Bleecker large flap and just get the thing already. Well, I got there, found it and was at the counter paying for it when the sales girl says to me innocently, "Did you see our sale items?" :shrugs: That's when I went NUTS!!! :nuts: I saw the Large sig ergo at a deep discount and said, "SOLD"!!!!:yahoo: I am really happy with the bargain but I feel sooooo guilty buying 2 Coach bags in the same day. Okay....so no more bags for me until Christmas! As my DH says, "We'll see how long that will last!"
    coach 001.jpg coach 002.jpg
  2. OOOOOO great choices!!! Love the Ergo!
  3. Love the ergo. Congrats!
  4. I'm glad I'm not the only bad girl on here today! Congrats on the great buys!:woohoo:
  5. Bad Girl is my middle name. :sneaky:

    My mom always said if you see something you like then get it. You never know when it will be gone. :smile: That's sort of my prime directive 'cause women shop like a pack of wild wolves.
  6. Ooooo!!!!! I love your new purchases!!!!!! Doesn't it feel good to be bad! haha!
  7. I love everything you got! Congrats! The Bleeker Large Flap is a great bag! I own the laced Bleeker Flap (see my avatar) as well as the Vintage Ergo Tote. You will love that Ergo Tote and find it really useful. I really think the Ergo tote is one of the best Coach Designs ever made. You made some great choices. Enjoy!
  8. Liz, I would LOVE to go shopping in your closet. LOL....you have so many great bags. :tender:
  9. Congrats! I love my Ergo tote too...it's my favorite bag.
  10. The only problem with that is...which do you use first....hummmmm??? :whistle:
    I am glad that I am not alone either on getting two bags in one day...I did that at the last PCE. It is so hard to pass up when they are on sale.
  11. Congrats on your great finds! I'm sure that they'll both gets lots of love..
  12. I love both of them! I'd love to come across an ergo tote like that. Its fun to be bad!
  13. :tup:
  14. very very awesome!!
  15. Congratulations! I really think I need an ergo tote. I think I need to make it into Macy's soon.