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  1. When I read that the new bags had no tassels, I looked up the MAM blk Basket weave pic, and it does have tassels. I hope it has the new hardware too!!
    Was anyone else concerned?:woohoo:
  2. If you are getting this from FLL, yes - it's the original cut. YAY! I was glad to find that out too!
  3. ^^^I just bought the MAB in Night...and after reading your post, I went to check at LB - there are no tassles...shucks...i love the tassles too..

    Is there anyway or anywhere I can go to buy the tassles and just add them on myself??

  4. No, when I ordered they told me it was the original style with the blue zipper and tassels.
  5. With old hardware right?
  6. IDK , I thought it would be the new hardware with RM engraved on it. Does anyone know?:confused1:
  7. it is with the old hardware & tassels! this is directly from their website

    "This is the original Morning After Bag in Black with Basket Weave - blue zipper trim and tassels!"
  8. Thanks pursegirl12 for clearing it up. I am super psyched to get the bag...even though its all the way till JUNE:yahoo:
  9. i know! thankfully i will be getting mine within the next three weeks :yahoo::wlae::woohoo::yahoo:
  10. I think Bloomies still has the older style. I just got a MAM from them and it has the old hardware / tassels.
    SorSue, you may want to email Catalina at RM and ask about the tassels. They have the straps and chains available on the website that you can add to your bag so perhaps they could get/make you some tassels.

  11. good idea...thanks! :tup:
  12. I asked RM Maven and she said that if the colour of the bag is still in production, they can sell you tassles in that colour.
  13. Yes, the tassels are a must
  14. Great to know:tup::tup: Thank you!
  15. ^i confirmed with FLL that the bag will be the original tassels and old hardware but i wouldn't mind the new hardware and no tassels. would give my bag an interesting twist.