I was a bad girl ...

  1. This is such a cute little bag for sure. I love that it's navy blue, you don't see that color too much in coach bags.
  2. I have this sort of attitude about bans-they are ok, but when you see a great deal on eBay, all bans are off! That bag is very cute, probably HTF and unique. You did the right thing :tup:
  3. Ah, thank you ladies, I feel better about breaking down and getting it :p Perhaps bans are only for "Eh, I like it, but ..." items and are moot for "OMG I must have you! :heart::love::wlae::drool:" items? Maybe that's what I'll tell myself from now on so I can stop feeling guilty lol
  4. I def. think there's a difference between impulsive buying when you wander into a retail store, and buying when it's at a great deal and you'll kick yourself later for not getting it!
  5. Cute, can't wait to see pictures when you get it!
  6. Wow, that's really cute...congrats on a great deal!
  7. But it's so cute! How could you resist?!

    Nice find! :biggrin:
  8. Ooooo that is sooooo pretty! Congratulations. Post pics when it arrives, can't wait to see it!:woohoo:
  9. VERY cute...congrats!
  10. Someone has been searching for that bag...can't remember who it was...

    Great deal, congrats!
  11. well, ban or no ban, congrats! :tup:
  12. That is so adorable!!! Congrats
  13. Interesting bag, Congrat's.
  14. Really cute... love the color.. Congrats!