I was a bad girl & I didn't even buy anything...

  1. Well, I went to Saks in Palm Desert and stopped by the Chanel Boutique. I saw some really nice handbags there so I whipped out my camera and took pictures. So, if you click on the link, you can go on a virtual shopping trip. If you're interested in any of the bags, you can call 760-837-2658 for David Quinn (Chanel Specialist) or 760-837-2655 for Benjamin Calaluce (Handbag Department - Mostly Dolce & Gabbana). I don't have any prices, but you can call David or Benjamin for additional information. Please let them know you're a member of the purse forum.

    Link: http://picasaweb.google.com/MyLadyDior/Chanel/photo#5097329717036367554
  2. those bags are so hot! Too bad I'm not in the States. :crybaby:
  3. Thanks for the pictures!! I see the cerf that I want so much:crybaby:but I have to control myself
  4. I THINK they ship worldwide.
  5. Wow I love that black patent timeless clutch!!! Thanks for the pics. :drool:
  6. oh really? How much would the shipping be around?
  7. Thank you so much for sharing, I love virtual shopping!

    I really don't like the look of the updated version of the Cerf tote. It's looking much more bulky than the older version.
  8. I don't know. Where are you located? You can PM me if you'd like.
  9. absolutely WONDERFUL pics! thank you SO much for taking them and sharing, i was drooling over a couple of the bags! :flowers:
  10. thanks from me. We don't have a chanel boutique where I am from and your pics is as close to getting to a boutique already. Thanks a lot:tup:
  11. Thank you for posting these beautiful pictures. It's fun to see what's in store right now. It's been a while since I went into a chanel store.
  12. Great pictures!! Im drooling...:drool: over the Expandable flap..patent clutch..the Rock..reissues in brick colour...more and more...dont know which to choose for my next chanel..help me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:search:
  13. The patent clutch is really cute!! Anyone happen to know how much it is?
  14. Great pics - thanks!
  15. great bags! thanx for sharing...