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i was a baaaaaaad bunny.....


Shopping's My Cardio
Aug 27, 2006
(lol, sorry, family expression).

anyway, i may have accidentally clicked "buy" when i saw a black quilted ursula elise pop up on bergdorf.com......oops! guess i'm getting the best christmas present under the tree this year :love:

she just arrived today & thank god is NOT the one that another tPFer returned because of its sorry, sorry condition....she is beautiful & i'm in love! some pics attached...sorry they suck. my husband can't seem to find the camera that i'm allowed to touch (he's a professional photographer, so i don't get to touch the good cameras!) :yes:

anyway, after literally MONTHS of hunting, the quest for the perfect black bag is now officially over! :yahoo: and, as always, bag.lover was totally the enabler, linking me to the bag online & being so darn helpful....she had me checking that site about 14 times a day to see if a second elise was returned. it's all her fault!! LOL. thanks, h....i'm totally in love!

hmm, come to think of it, you're all kind of enablers....i can't even wrap my poor (literally) little brain around how much i've spent on bags since "meeting" this forum! :roflmfao:

happy monday!!!!


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Mar 1, 2006
Shoppingsmycard, I'm guilty as charged! =)

Congrats!!!!!! I'm so glad to hear that you love your Elise. =)
I fell in love with patent leather after seeing this bag in real life, its crackled patent leather (goat) is just gorgeous. It's not plastic looking like we thought at all.


Aug 1, 2006
OMG!!! SMC that is BEAUTIFUL!!! I looooooove Elise :love: and I'm so glad you got the patent, it's gorgeous!
Congrats and MERRY (early) CHRISTMAS to you!

P.S. Don't ya just love bag.lover! She is a total enabler, but it's awesome!