I wants it!

  1. god... it's on eBay and i SO want it...

    eBay is SCARY!

    watcha think ladies, should i wait to go to the outlet or...

    do i get this STUNNING bag that COMES WITH THE sigcoin purse...

    on eBay...

    that MATCHES my suede jacket from Jones NY ??

    :smile: opinions are lovely :smile:

    :drool: i want it all:drool:
    See below for link, sorry it didn't work the first time!
  2. Is there a link?
  3. becareful with ebay, post any questions about authencity in the authenticate this thread so it that your chances of getting ripped off is decreased. but do get a bag to match your jacket...great idea!
  4. ok this SHOULD work... here's the link!
  5. You could call Kittery and Freeport and see if they have any of the suede beaded totes left and in what color. I know Kittery had some in early January. Last weekend Wrentham, MA had a few of the winter white with silver beads similar to this bag - so there are still a few to be had new from Coach.
  6. awsome thanks for the advice, i'm goin to freeport this weekend i think!

    i can't WAIT for the maine mall to open their HUGE coach store... i'm like tweeking out...

    i didn't know about the one in Kittery either, thank you for that tidbit of info....

    but that bag is so PRETTY! i hope i find something similar at least :smile:
  7. I was in Freeport last week and they did not have any.

    I'll be in both outlets on Monday, so if I see them I'll let you know!
  8. thanks :smile:

    ANYTHING that is dark brown suede would do, as long as its CUTE!


    i hope i make it to SOME store with SOME coach stuff in it besides the stinking TJMaxx which is the ONLY thing in this area with coach purses EVER... how tacky lol

    i am probably going to visit freeport or something this weekend if i am LUCKY!

    everyone keep their eyez peeled! thanks for lookin!
  9. I would try finding it at an outlet before using ebay. If your local outlet does not have it you can always try calling around other outlets to see if they have it.

    Good Luck
  10. Don't get that bag on ebay! That seller sells a lot of fakes. He also sells real bags but you never know what you are going to get. He gets things on consignment and lists them without checking authenticity. His listings get taken down for being fake all the time.
  11. ty for the advice ladies!

    i decided to extend my list of Designers and buy a Dooney this month. NEXT month i'm on the EVIL hunt for a Hamptons Patchwork Tote. i hope they still have it around where i am by then!

    Still haven't found anything to match my suede jacket, but eventually, it'll come to me :smile:

    my new Dooney.... i know it's not a coach, but it's cute right?
  12. Very Cute Congrats
  13. ty! :tender: i loves it.
  14. oh, a very pretty bag indeed! i have one in a purplish suede color that i LOVE! that color you have pickedwill go with everythign!