I wanted to throw cheese today

  1. I was at the supermarket and as I am sampling cheese I wanted to throw it because:

    lady behind the counter says "nice coach bag"

    cindy: "oh thank you, I just got it"

    Lady: "I went to Macy's and saw the one with the pink stripe and loved it, but I can't imaging paying $268 for a bag, I think I'll just wait to go to NYC and go to that one street and get a bunch of bags"

    Cindy: :wtf: (trying NOT to really make that face just think it...)

    Lady: "About a month ago I went and bought a lot of bags like Coach and Vuitton for really cheap and I don't think they are real but the look good..."

    Cindy: "oh...thats....interesting"

    Lady: "you should go there some time, you would save a lot of money"

    Cindy: "oh...ok...I like buying the real thing" and at this point I wanted to throw the cheese at her for saying such things :wtf: :yucky:

    TOTALLY ruined my grocery shopping experience.
  2. haha you should have thrown the cheese!!
  3. :nuts:
    That is some story!
    I think I would have bonked her over the head with my AUTHENTIC Coach bag!
  4. she doesn't THINK they are real?! how freaking stupid can she be?!

    you should've thrown the cheese at her. i would have totally supported a cheese war.
  5. I would've thrown more than cheese to her.
  6. Wow.
  7. Ugh- Some people just don't get it.
  8. I would have thrown the cheese and any other surrounding objects at her. hehe.
  9. i didnt want to cause a scene...but i was just in shock when she said that
  10. What a loser I hate when people quote the price of my bags. You should have thrown cheese...right at her fake goach bag.
  11. ITA!

    it's much more lady like then asking in a very loud voice, "Oh, you buy FAKE coach and vuitton bags?"

    because at least you could pretend to be clumsy then mean, but i'm somewhat mean so i'd probably be un-lady like ;)
  12. i really didnt want to embarass her...i knew i could come and vent/share the story here because if she is proud to buy FAKES then she would NOT be on tPF. if i do see her again ill tell her to save her money and get the real thing....even if 'the ones in NYC look just as good' (:throwup: )
  13. LOL! "Oops! That darn slippery cheese! Don't know how it ended up in your face! Welp, enjoy your Goach and Pooey Vuitton bags!" :roflmfao:

    Oh, well, I'm proud that you showed such restraint! I can't imagine how awful our beautiful punch striped bags will end up looking as fakes! :sick:
  14. funny thing is..people that spend money on even a few fake bags,,,,,,,(as some are pricey even for fakes) they could have one nice classic authentic coach bag.....less is more so to speak.....wouldn't you love to have just one nice beautiful and special bag knowing its real... than carry several knowing they are not
  15. Oh..so she doesn't "think" they're real? So that means she "thought" she was buying authentic, stolen designer handbags? Either way you slice it, she looks like a moron.