I wanted to share with you all our new edition to the family!


Feb 1, 2006
I just found we today after HOURS of researching breeder after breeder! I talked to the breeder in depth today and RAN to the post to send the fee for her! We get her April 3! She is 4 weeks old. The pic was taken by the breeder. She is a Min pin puppy. We are thinking about Sunshine for her name...not sure. I kind of want to call her some kind of a flower as the min pin we have now is Violet. SO we shall see. I gave up getting another new bag for her. (well atleast for a month ...to make DH happy) She will fit in my new speedy 30 pink preforated lv...lol...since some of you think it looks like a dog carrier!! Im so EXCITED to get her! (as if our house isnt crazy enough already!!!) :nuts: