I wanted to share a picture!

  1. Sorry, but no one probably gets my enthusiasm like you guys do! I've been home all summer since schools been out...so far things have gone pretty smooth with the family. And today...I've finally I found out why I call my dad...my dad! :lol: He was doing some professional-ish photography of his guitar collection and he took a couple snapshots of my bags. Yes, dear sweet daddy thought of me and my BAGS!

    Now let me tell you, I saw them on the canvas after he was done and I was like UGH they're going to look terrible with that background. But wow, I've NEVER seen them look so good in my life!!! And by that I mean like in real life :roflmfao: :P I'm amazed by my dad and quite proud that he took time to take pictures of my purses so I just had to share with you guys! Sorry there's only two bags...Pistachio is in New York, maybe Paris?, and I stupidly took my magenta out with me that day. Hope you gals don't mind!
  2. wow jdy, your bags look HOT! and your indigo looks so amazing next to orange (don't sell it :crybaby:)!
    your dad did an excellent job!
  3. What a great dad!
  4. Beautiful!!!! And so sweet of your dad! Everytime I look at an orange b-bag I want one more and more ( :tender: prays s/s 07 has an orange)
  5. a professional photographer makes all the difference, doesn't it? look at the leather on those bags! t.d.f!
  6. What a sweet Dad you have! - to take the time out to take pics of your babies:love: What a great picture too. He needs to give us amateurs some tips LOL.
  7. Amazing! The way he laid out the bags and man, that orange with the silver hardware - :heart: :heart: :heart:!!

    I wish you well,

  8. Your dad is so sweet!!! Love that pic! Your bags are TDF!!!
  9. Great pic! Great dad!
  10. Looks fantastic! What a great pic! Your dad is such a sweetie!
  11. Thanks everyone!! The actual pictures is like 4x bigger then this and you can see every detail! I just thought it was too cool to not share it with everyone! And I'm so happy he was able to get the true shade of indigo. It's fab!
  12. Great pics!! AS IF the ones on your avatar werent DROOL-WORTHY already!:nuts:
  13. Gorgeous! I love it!
  14. That is a fantastic picture, what a sweet dad!:tender:
  15. thats sooo cute of him!! they look amazing!