I wanted to make myself feel better about spending a whole paycheck on a bag. Does

  1. anyone else do this too? The price of the bags I buy sometimes eats up a whole 2 week's paycheck. Its kind of insane when i think about it...but i think i might not be alone here, right? Or are many of you loaded with cash? It's crazy that I buy handbags that celebrities can rightfully afford, but I'm making a middle-class income and still buying them! Will it ever end?
    :wtf: :nuts: :yucky: :hysteric:
  2. ...even worse here:p , I don't have an income per say, since I have given up my career to be a SAHM. Hubby is the one who brings in the money. I have some ebaymoney on my own and I am on a diat so whatever I don't spend on food goes into my "bagfund":idea: . But I do have to plan out purchases. Sometimes I feel guily spending that much on myself, sometimes I just think I deserve it since I have given up "a lot" to take care of our family. One usually doesn't get that much credit for staying at home, so bags, shoes etc...are my "salary"!;)
  3. i spend like my entire's month paycheck on 1 bag.
  4. I think the subtitle of "Shallow Obessing" is entirely apropos!:p

    When you have Jim Carey likening a Chloe purse to a diamond ring that should say it all!

    Can I afford them? Yes? Do other things get sacrificed....sadly yes. Do I need to stop......yes.......

    So I guess what I'm trying to say is that you're definitely not alone.:shame:
  5. I know! None of my friends collect/ adore handbags like I do and a couple even think that Coach is too expensive! So they would not believe the price of Chloe, MJ, Gucci, etc. And then my boyfried saw me looking a Chloe and he offerred to buy it for me until he found out much it was. He thought that it would be around $200-$300. He started laughing when I told him $1500!!! Because he had just bought a 62" HD TV for around $3200. He said how you can equate 2 purses to a TV. I think that everyone has their own "thing" that they are willing to spend $$ on - kind of like a hobby or passion. Not everything that I buy is to this level so I justify that this is my "thing". I am just so glad that I found you guys and we can obsess together!
  6. Defo not alone!

    I need bag therapy!

    This forum makes it worse but whatever makes you happy has to be a good thing right?? And bags make us feel great
  7. its an addiction:yes: yes we're no different than crack addicts, but i would say we definitely have more class:p
  8. Some people can afford to buy expensive things all the time in all categories (think Paris Hilton here...:p ), some of us pick one or two categories where we buy ourselves the best we can afford. ("afford" is a relative term here. Obviously, these bags are expensive and I can't afford them the same way I can afford a $35 pair of socks, which is overpriced for socks, but I don't really notice or care....) For me, my categories of overindulging are bags and watches/jewelry.

    I always have buyer's remorse for a little while, and then I get over it and start enjoying my purchase. :jammin:

    I find, that I tend to do my buying in waves, with decent breaks in between to get my finances in order. I always feel guilt at first, but I attribute that to my middle class upbringing (I can always hear my mother's voice in my head, expressing disbelief that a bag can cost that much....:rolleyes: )

    I work hard for my disposible income and it gives me pleasure to buy luxury bags. Maybe I should be saving more for my old age or something, but I would like to enjoy at least some of my money now. :supacool:

    Enjoy your bag, and just ride the internal guilt trip out. It will pass.
  9. I sit at my computer and other places trying to figure out how I can get the next bag like a drugee would be figuring out how to get the next fix on dope. Except sometimes I think my addiction is probably more expensive? Thousand dollar handbags?
  10. PurseManiac - your post made me LOL. It's so true! We are addicts!
  11. I am having a hard time with this same problem myself. I have wanted an LV Speedy forever. And I wanted a real one. My income tax refund is coming in soon, and I have been haunting eluxury staring at it and wanting nothing more than to stroke the screen. But how can I justify spending a large part of my tax refund on one bag? When there are so many other things that I should be spending it on, ie savings, retirement, food, etc?

    Some people search for inner peace. I'd just like to have peace with my bags.:crybaby:
  12. gosh, me too! i'm a freelancer, so sometimes i mean often :p when i get my money from a project i've been working my ass for a month, i spent it in a sec by clicking BIN on e bay
  13. not alone, not alone. and i know the scheming and rearranging finances to fund the next one. it is a glorious addiction.
  14. I'm in the same boat as Catcat. I'm also a SAHM. I can no longer buy really expensive brands. I'm always on the prowl for deals. That's the only way I can feed my addiction. I need to get on eBay as well, and start selling bags I no longer use... so I can continue to feed my hunger for more bags!
  15. I think I need an intervention! :sweatdrop: I've just waitlisted myself for 1 paycheck's worth of bags! What am I thinking??? So no, you are definitely not alone!