I wanted it. I got it. I may exchange it?

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  1. As most of you may be aware of, I was looking forward to buying and did in fact purchase the large Chanel 3 in black.

    This morning as I was placing my things in it I noticed it was slouching out. Not sure if I like the way the slouch looks. I don't want to return it because I need a bag big enough to hold ALL my stuff and this bag is perfectly sized. What to do?? What bag should I exchange it for. I already own the Jumbo Flap in caviar.

  2. the maxi should be good one
  3. i really like the 3 but was afraid of the lack of structure. a maxi is prob the better option
  4. What about one of the shopping totes?
  5. Would love to see pictures of it!
  6. I love mine and I also have a caviar maxi.I think the chanel 3 is way nicer too
  7. If you want it to be a work horse bag and keep its structure, I would get the caviar maxi.
  8. Hi ladies. I'm not loving any of the totes. I do think the Maxi flap will be the contender. however, since I already own a jumbo in caviar (black) I may opt for the maxi in lambskin (black). I'm very disappointed the 3 didn't work out like I wanted it to; it's such a beautiful bag.
  9. Nice choice. I am vowing not to get caviar any longer but to stick with lambskin. There is something oxymoronic about getting a luxe handbag in a non-luxe (in my mind) material like caviar!
  10. ya i always check the bag without stuffing before i buy the bag to see if it slouches.

    classic flaps and more structured. agree with the others... get the maxi. I have the maxi lamb. nice! caviar would be good too... depending on personal preferences.

    If you hate the slouch, go change it.