I wanted an inexpensive blue crossbody bag so I got this...r/o

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  1. from Macy's. It's by Giani Bernini and it's glazed leather. I got it on sale and w/an extra $10 off coupon for $37.00. Not crazy about the white stitching but it will do. I will be taking the tag/keychain thing off. Someone suggested to take a fabric marker matching the color and go over the white stitching...I might be brave and try that.

  2. I think it's really nice and a fantastic price! Looks very nice leather!
    I actually like the white stitching (but I'm probably biased as I have an Italian navy blue satchel bag with quite a lot of white stitching!!)
    Some Italian designers seem to be into that blue/white contrast thing!
    I've never used a fabric marker pen before, but I'm sure someone else here must have!
    Anyway, imo for what it's worth, it looks waaay more expensive than you got it for - a great buy!!!
  3. i like it! congrats :smile:
  4. I'd leave it alone. The stitching makes it look sporty.
  5. Yeah I don't think you need to do anything to it. It's cute!
  6. It's pretty. I like the white stitching. Please let us know if you use the fabric marker. That's an interesting idea. My concern is that it will be hard to get every bit of the white covered, and that marker will end up on the leather around the stitching. It may not set properly on the leather.
  7. i'd leave it i like it!
  8. Its nice!
  9. I'd leave it as is! It's nice looking!

  10. Great buy! I'd leave the stitching alone too; my concern would be ink rub-off on our clothes if you colored it in.
  11. Congrats on your new bag !!
  12. I've been contemplating that bag in brown. The Macy's where I live don't carry it though and they charge so much for shipping, so I haven't ordered it.

    I agree with the others about leaving the stitching alone.