I want YOUR opinions

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  1. From reading a lot of the articles all over TPF in various designer sections (mainly LV, Hermès and Chanel) I've noticed a lot of you tend to be the type "I've bought it and only my opinion counts!"... well I'm a 17 year old guy and well I could be very happy with everything I bought if I was the only living on the earth but there are some 6 billion others sooooo long story short when I bought the Damier Azur Pochette Clès on Avenue Montaigne recently and the first thing one of my friends, who DOES like luxury, said "that looks like toilet tiles". I was really taken back and started hesitating about returning it for the ebene etc

    I'm not working so a 100 euros is not pocket change. Mainly I am planning to get a new purchase and I would LVOE (lol) to have all of your opinions on the following, the pros/the cons, personal experiences with them ... etc

    Thanks :p

    Monogram Trousse Toilette 28

    Monogram Pochette Clès

    Damier Ebene Pochette Clès

    Damier Ebene Keepall 50
  2. Those are all classics, I'm partial to Damier & love the keepall. I have azur & love it, the thought of bathroom tiles never crosses my mind LOL. Welcome to the forum.
  3. Well, personally, I do like how azur looks, :yes: I'm only worried about how durable it is, since it's light colored. That is why I'd choose the regular damier, which is much more durable. But if you are fine with its durability and take care of things well, you should stick with that. Coz what if after you've exchanged it for the ebene, another of your friend said, "It looks like a checkerboard!". Or, if you've exchanged it for mono and your friend said, "It looks just like all those fakes since there are so many of those with this mono print out there!" Lol...

    My point is, it's hard to please everyone and as cliche as it may sound, since this is your cles, I think it just has to please you and not obligated to please anyone else. :p JMHO.
  4. I love the Keepall the most.
  5. Already three answers , wow i'm popular lol

    thanks for your responses

    Has anyone bought the trousse toilette, aren't you freaked out about things leaking in it or cutting it or something?
  6. These are all different styles. You can just go for what you need. I like keepall though.
  7. I hadn't thought of azur looking like bathroom tiles but after your comment, I think you're right!! LOL

    Go with the Damier Ebene keep all...you'll be the bomb walking around with it!

  8. Keepall out of all of them but its the most expensive...
  9. the keepall is a classic. itll last you a life time and its something you should be proud to carry.
    the azur wasnt for me but its not very fair of your friends to put it down like that (esp when i presume you were on an LV high)
  10. I like keepall the most, it's on my wish list. Damier cles is also nice, I have it and LoVe it. Good Luck with your decision!!
  11. keepall if you are willing to spend all the money! Otherwise out of the smaller items, I like the toilette the best. I am among the minority here, but I would personally have no use for a cles.
  12. Your options are all so different. Since you bought a cles, either the toilette or the Keepall would be good.

    I like the Azur and no, I don't think they look like toilet tiles. Same opinion for Damier Ebene.
  13. Welcome to TPF!

    Keepall is really nice. Are you looking for something you could carry everyday?
  14. "cherry pie" made me laugh with your "on LV high". I think that should be the new description for when we LV lovers buy something new and are discovering it millimeter square by millimeter square and then how we desperately try to find the date code and any little defect :biggrin:

    I really do like the keepall but is it fine for a carry-on on most airlines? It does seem kind of big? Another thing is that I have heard people talk about how the red interior of most damier ebene products transfers/bleeds on to clothing, has anyone experienced this?

    Concerning the trousse de toilette don't you all think it's somewhat a bit crazy to have a Louis Vuitton Monogram bag as a trousse de toilette knowing most people will never be able to buy a simple card holder?
  15. mm..what would you use the toillete for? for travelling? school?

    i have the ebony cles and the only reason why i like it is cuz my bf got it for me for christmas...i really liked it in the beginning but now I find it's too masculine for me and I'd rather have something more feminine...but whatever. it fits a looooadd of cards and youc an use it as a coin thingie and attach your keys.

    i like the toillette too btw..