I Want Your Opinion Everyone? East/west Or Classic?

  1. Ok ladies, I need all your opinions on this. Which one would you choose? A caviar black east/west bag or a caviar black medium classic? I feel like I should get the classic because it's the classic, but then again the east/west is really cute too. Any advice on which one and why would be appreciated since I'm planning on purchasing before the increase. TIA!
  2. i would choose the medium, only because you can fit more thing on it and thus use it everyday.

    I think perhaps the east/west is an evening only bag?
  3. I'd go with the medium because I personally don't like small bags...the bigger the better! :p
  4. medium too. EW is cute but I don't think you can put too much things in there. :smile:
  5. i love both, but i think the east west is a little bit younger looking and the classic is a little more grown-up.
  6. I like the e/w only because it's more modern! also I must rave about the adjustable straps :p
  7. I think you should get the black in the medium and a funky color in the east/west.
  8. I'd go for the medium classic
  9. If you're set on getting black...get the classic.
  10. I say definitely get the medium classic. Its such a timless classic. The east/west is also nice but in another color. If your thinking about black them most definitely the medium. best of luck!!! I know there are so many nice bags out there that it is almost impossible to narrow it down to just one...lol
  11. The classic! But the e-w is really cute.
  12. do you normally carry large bags? i do love gigantic bags, except when i go out in the evenings. i like to minimize. i love the size of my EW and just carrying the bare essential for going out at night. the adjustable strap is nice because you can carry the bag close to the body and it's not bumping around. but i don't think you can go wrong with either sizes.
  13. Classic!! I just got one and I'm in love with it!! :heart:
  14. definitely classic for me. EW is kinda small you cant really fit in much but you can adjust the lenght of the strap so there are pros and cons to each
  15. Med classic! I saw that you recently got a caviar beige E/W? It's lovely! I want the same color and hw on a medium. I've agonised over this issue over and over again, I made my mind up with the medium. The east west barely fits anything!