I want your opinion about the Gucci Brit Hobo!

  1. [​IMG]Hey ladies, what do you think of the Camel Suede Gucci "Brit" Hobo? I'm thinking about buying this, but I want a second opinion...I'm leaving from work soon, so let me know your input :smile: Thanks!
  2. Love the bag, but that color in SUEDE? Major high maintenance. Get smooth leather instead.
  3. I agree with PradaPsycho...I have it in smooth black leather and I couldn't be happier
  4. ya, it's on bluefly.com, but I think I changed my mind. I wanted the black one, but they've sold out. Since they're doing the extra 10% off today, everything is selling out.

    But, what do you think about this one? The first picture is on on bluefly for about $1200. The second picture is on Amazon.com for $985, but I think it look fake.