I want YOU...to help me get my 1st MJ!!!

  1. As some of you may have read in the GD I got a new dream job! :yahoo: I actually have many reasons to celebrate! (lost some weight, new apartment, BF got a new job... I feel very fortunate indeed!!)

    I am looking to treat myself PF style for all the hard work and stress and faith that has gotten me this far... with my first MJ bag!!

    Here are some guidelines:
    *the bag must be classy and functional for work
    *must fit files (on the off chance I will take work home)
    *I have a budget of around $1000
    *I would love a punchy color that works now and for fall

    I know you are up to the challenge! Any suggestions, pictures, and/or comments are welcome!! Thank you and I look forward to the eye candy to follow!! Oh, and it would be great if I could jump on one of these sales!!
  2. I'd like to take the challenge....

    From Blue Bee Online:

    $925 (comes in a chalk color too)
    $1175 (I know it's a bit over your budget, but super cute)

    From Saks:

    From NM.com:


    $1095 (I saw someone carry this in a yellow color that was to die for!)

    $1095 (can't go wrong with a classic Stella tote...comes in other colors as well)
  3. What about a Balenciaga work?:love: Although there was a price increase:rant:
  4. I vote for the Stella or the one above it! They are both Fab! Practical and chic!:yes:
  5. KittyBag, multiple congrats!!! =)
    You should definitely treat yourself to your 1st and well deserved MJ bag, how exciting. =)

    Several new MJ bags look promising especially the Sporty Tote. I can only find the pictures and information on marcjacobs.com, I tried saving the pictures, but couldn't.
    Sporty Tote (14.5x10x5.5): Linen, Graphite, Black, Amethyst (purple), and Whiskey.
    Amy Hobo (13x12.5x6): Graphite, Emerald, Black, Amethyst, Whiskey, Linen
    Venetia (16x12x4) : Whiskey, Amethyst, Graphite

    I'm not sure if any of them will hold files though. For current ones, Stella comes to my mind. This roomy bag (comes in White & Black) used to be very popular. A lot of members here have this bag, would you like to share your thoughts on it? =)

    SuLi & others are posting replies so I will add comments to theirs.

    Do you like YSL Muse? For big bags that can hold even work files, Large or XL (depending on your height) Muse is perfect. It's great for a professional working environment, plus it can be dressed up and down.

  6. SuLi, hope you don't mind me adding comments to your reply. =)

    Since you are looking for a bag that can hold work files, the green one (Ursula Tote in Moss) is structured and roomy enough to handle that task. It measures 13"H x 18 1/2"W x 4 1/2"D. This style comes in Patent Leather & Regular Leather; other colors include Chalk/Black (still full price). Moss (Green) is on sale for 40% off at Saks/Nordstroms/etc.

    The 2nd one (Mia in Nutmeg) measures 10 1/2"H x 14"W x 6"D. It's currently on sale.

    The 3rd one (Leather Tote in Putty) measures 16"H x 9 1/2"W x 5 1/2"D. This color is on sale at Nordstrom -- 40% off.

    The 4th one (Stella in Black) measures 11"H x 17"W x 5"D.
    Sawit at NM for 30% off, other members saw it at Nordstrom with even more discount.

  7. That green tote is on sale at either NM or BG right now.
  8. Oh my! So many amazing bags!! I am curious as no one has recommended the Blake yet- Is it too small perhaps? I would love to snatch the Stella, but maybe in a different color? Can you fit the Mia over your shoulder? I know the size of the bags can be deceiving. The Venetia is stalk-worthy! When will the Fall 06 bags be coming out?

    If it helps, I am 5'5'' and I am not super crazy about the quilted look. Although, I just saw the new Swagger bag in Ivory on the mj.com site and its gorgeous (a little impractical for everyday use, but still gorgeous) Thank you for all your comments and help so far!!
  9. iSpot -I don't really know much about Balenciaga work bags. I should wander over to the B-bag section and read up on them.

    bag.lover - you so should be a personal shopper!! I would certainly consider the YSL Muse, but again I don't know much about them. What colors do they come in? What size do you think I should look at given my shortness of 5'5''??

    Thank you thank you thank you thank you to all!!!!
  10. Blake's actually one of my favorite bags -- its compartments are very useful. =) I didn't recommend it because it's not big enough for files -- guessing b/c I never put files in mine.

    If I remember correctly, I can fit Mia over my shoulder. For a work bag, I would go with Shoulder bag. =)

    Stores are expecting shipments of Fall 06 bags anytime now.

    Do you have a Nordstrom by where you live? If yes, try stopping by there tomorrow (1st day of Half Yearly Sale, opening at 7AM) & try out some bags in person. =)

    YSL Muse comes in many colors and leather types. With your height, you can go with either Large and XL. I really like it as a 'professional work bag' because it looks sleek, classy, and elegant in a simple/understated way. It can be worn on the shoulder as well -- I consider this an important option in work bags. Plus, it's made of really nice leather. My favorite colors for Muse are Chocolate and Ivory.
    Buffalo calf leather: Ivory (or White), Black, Chocolate, Tan, Olive,
    Oak, Red, not familiar with newer colors (Taupe, Orange, etc)
    Patent Leather: Black, White

    Angst owns Muse in several color and size, maybe, she can provide more info. =)

    As for Balenciaga bags, I still think it's a bit casual (the tassels) for professional work environment. Personally, I would choose Muse over it. It's widely discussed in this forum & many members (including attorneys) argue that it looks great for work. It's a matter of personal preference. =)
  11. *Faints* The closest Norstrom is 4 hours away. Thankfully I am moving closer to NYC and this is my last week in exile (at least it feels like exile.) The soonest I can make would be this coming Saturday (if I can sneak away from the BF). Will I have missed the sale by then?

    The Muse is also really exciting me! I am a simple structured kinda girl. Are there certain credible places to look for a Muse as well-- I would love to check out the colors!
  12. Hi KittyBag -- how about the MJ leather perforated tote from eLuxury.com? It's on sale right now for $945. It even has a suede lining! Congratulations, BTW :smile: !!
  13. Good choice!

    The Blake is a really great bag, but it definitely isn't large enough for files. I don't think the Mia goes over the shoulders, but it's a great bag.

    Someone mentioned the Muse, and although it's not MJ, it's a great bag.

    I think you are going to luck out with a MJ because of all the sales going on right now. It never hurts to call a store to ask what they have in stock, especially if you don't live near a store.

    Good luck!
  14. KittyBag, congratulations on your wonderful milestones. It sounds like you are in a great place right now and are very centered.

    bag.lover and SuLi have provided wonderful information and pictures, and I would agree with everything that bag.lover has said.

    As far as Marc Jacobs go, most of these bags will not fit files. They either aren't tall enough (the Venetia), or high enough, or both. The Ursula Tote would probably work, but I think the style is slightly trendy and leans toward the casual, and if you are looking for a long term investment bag, it might not be the best way to go. The Mia is professional and functional, but again, I don't think it will fit files.

    I would not recommend the Balenciaga Work. There are MANY b-bag fans on this board, and like bag.lover said, some will say that the Work is professional and can be used in a corporate setting. I am not one of those ladies. I think the bag is too trendy and casual for such purposes. The Work also will not initially fit over the shoulders with ease, although the handles will stretch a little with some use. I personally don't like the aesthetics on this bag either; I think it is too wide.

    My first thought was YSL MUSE! I can't say enough wonderful things about this bag. It's well made, it's classic, it has beautiful lines, the balance of hardware is just right, and it is super functional. You can use this bag either for work or casually. I think it looks equally fabulous when worn with jeans and a sweater as it does with paired with a suit. The Muse comes in three sizes: Medium, Large and Oversized. There is also a Small size, but that was done in metallics and soon-to-be pink satin (yuck), but it's more of an evening bag. For what you are looking for, the Large or the Oversized would work the best. Files will fit in the Oversized, but they will be a stretch in the Large (especially if you are talking legal size). The Large is huge though and fits a ton of stuff otherwise. The bag holds its shape very well though so you won't have to worry about filling it up, less it gapes and looks empty. In terms of price, the Large retails for $1195 and the Oversized retails for $1295. I think it is a very reasonably priced bag for the quality, the longevity, and the functionality. I currently own four of them and would not hesitate to add another to my collection. For work, I would say that Chocolate Brown would be my favorite color, followed by Black. Again, both of these colors can be used casually as well. If you have any questions about the Muse I would be more than happy to try and answer them.

    Good luck, and please let us know what you choose.
  15. My future bags include:

    No. 1: I have to have the YSL Muse
    2. LV BH
    I think those both would be great bags for work and fun.