I want you all to go tell your SO's you love them.

  1. I spent last night/this morning in the emergency room with my fiancee. Yesterday, when I got home from work, he complained of feeling ill and dizzy and he looked slightly pale. At first, I just assumed that he was getting a cold or the flu, which could easily have come home with me from my job. Well, as the night progressed, he continued to feel ill, and although he was drinking large volumes of water, said he felt incredibly thirsty and the water seemed to do no good. Fast forward to about midnight. He could hardly stand, and not everything he was saying made sense, almost like when someone talks in their sleep, and had fever-like chills. I took his pulse and his heartbeat seemed irregular, although I may have just been panicking at the moment. Off we went to the ER!

    When we got to the hospital, they insisted on wheeling him in a chair to the bed because they thought there may be something wrong with his heart. They took EKG's and chest x-rays and bloodwork. (This may not seem like much to any of you with medical experience, but believe me, if you do not know what is wrong, watching your loved one get poked with needles and such without being told a thing is very frightening.) I was not allowed near the x-ray room, so I was told to fill out paperwork to the state to try and get assistance for him (he does not have insurance as we are not married yet, and his work does not offer it).

    Well, long story short (I am too tired to type everything, sorry), he was suffering from severe dehydration. They think it was from sweating alot at work, and not replacing enough electrolytes. Apparently it can cause kidney damage past a certain point :sad:. They have cycled him through bags of fluids in an IV, and he is doing much better now. He was given a list of things to avoid, and told "absolutely no caffeine, any, at all" for the next 4 weeks to make sure nothing interferes with his hydration.

    This experience made me very aware of just how fragile our bodies really are. We have to take really good care of ourselves; things can go wrong very quickly. So, I want you all to go hug your DH/FH/SO right now. That's an order, ladies!
  2. OMG! I'm so sorry to hear this but glad he is doing better.
  3. This happened to my BF the summer before we got together. It happened to me a year or so before that, although not as severe. Long story short, before he and I met each other, we BOTH had kidney trouble due to dehydration. He spent a few nights in the hospital because of it, but my case wasn't as bad so I didn't have to be hospitalized overnight. His dehydration was sports-related; mine was just out of what I have determined to be sheer "negligence." Our bodies ARE very fragile, and now that I know we've both had this problem I try to see to it that we're both hydrated and don't overexert ourselves. Sorry this had to happen to you and your fiancee. He'll get better, though. If you can, make him a followup appointment with a good nephrologist. Expensive for the uninsured, but worth it. You only get two kidneys. When they go you have nothing left but dialysis, and that's no fun at all.

    Oh, and as an aside, I won't go and hug my BF right now. He just made me mad on the phone and I hung up on him! Besides, when he gets here he's gonna be all stinky and sweaty! Maybe I'll hug him later. You know, after he's had a shower, and if I'm not still mad at him! As far as the "I love you" bit, he and I simply just don't go there.

  4. Will do. I forget sometimes that life doesn't last forever.
    I hope he feels better soon. And thanks for the reminder. :heart:
  5. Yes! I tell My hubby and kids everyday I love them!!!

    I hope your love feels better........best wishes!
  6. What a stressful night.. glad to hear he is ok!!!

    Love you Vlad!!!! :girlsigh: :heart:
  7. I will as soon as he gets home!!

    I hope your fiancee had a speedy recovery, and I am glad he is ok!!
  8. glad to hear you're fiance is ok. what a sweet thread to start. DH and i tell each other we love you everyday, multiple times a day. we even tell our dogs we love them! hehe
  9. How scary! Glad to hear he is better.

    I will def hug dh as soon as he gets home from work.
  10. Oh dear... I hope your fiance is feeling better!

    And I'll be sure to give the bf a big hug when I see him later :yes:
  11. Oh my! I can't imagine how scary that was. Thank heavens you acted quickly!! Hope he continues to be on that recovery road.
  12. hope he is fine now! i will tell my family i love them when i see them. :smile:
  13. AnimalCrackers, I'm so glad he's going to be OK. And this is a great reminder to appreciate our loved ones every single day! I'm going to give everyone a big hug when I see them!
  14. Glad to hear he is on the mend *hugs* to you both.
  15. im glad to hear that he's going to be ok. get well soon and hugs to u both.
    i also tell my SO i love him lot of times, especially when we're going to sleep.