I want whiskey or chocolate Carly please help me decide

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  1. I want something in whiskey but I already have a black Ali. I would ge this bag in whiskey but DH says that crosses the line somehow into being a "collector" and that he doesn't support that behavior lol ! I don't love the Mandy because it is too rollish and not slouchy enough, like the GIGI but too thin for what I want and also heavy, don't really like Leigh, shoulder bag is too small for me,etc etc etc. I am thinking of getting a chocolate Carly instead. I got some gift cards for Coach that have been burning the proverbial hole in my wallet. Should I just wait. I would love if they made a legacy carly in whiskey and that would solve my dillema if it was cute enough. I am also concerned about fraying on the Carly. also has anyone seen this color faked ? I know some people don't care but I do care about carrying a bag that is faked a lot. I live in Boston and there is a huge counterfeit market here, thanks !
  2. I would say for sure get a chocolate carly... those leather carlys are TDF!! :tup:
  3. Go for the Chocolate Carly!!!! I have a large khaki/black and I LOVE it! :tup: Also, as far as fraying, Coach will stand behind it 100% and replace it if it ever does, which hopefully it won't. :okay:
  4. Carly!
  5. Do you think the chocolate signature Carly is a nicer design than the chocolate signature large ergo tote ? I don't know if I would ever find one but would it hold more ? I am looking for something to replace my diaper bag since the kids are getting older.
  6. My husband just bought me the large Carly ^ for the same purpose, I don't need to carry around a diaper bag everywhere now but I still need to have an "emergency" stash--diaper and wipes, sippy cup etc. and the large Carly is perfect.
  7. I strongly prefer the Carly myself. :yes: