I want to take the leap....I really do...but with what bag??

  1. Well, I've been sneaking around here on the Chanel forum for the past few weeks and recently while I was at Neimans exchanging my Hermes Dogon (sides were flaking...long story) I mentioned to one of the BEST SA's in the world--Lisa Hamlin (big THANKS to Jag for the referral) that I wanted a great clutch. Since my life rarely requires a clutch, I don't own one. But I've felt the need recently that I should at least have one great business casual/semi formal bag. So Lisa suggests the Chanel Timeless in Caviar--and it is on hold for me until Wed. I think it is just amazing!

    BUT, my question is.....should I take my first jump with Chanel with the clutch or should I just plunge in and get a bag. I do lean toward a little more simply, casual style. I'm a mother to a 4 year old with hands covered in PB&J all the time!

    Please any suggestions and pics. would be greatly appreciated.

    THANKS :smile:
  2. Hmm..although the timeless clutch is well, truly timeless, I think it may be a little impractical for your lifestyle considering what you've already disclosed to us. If dealing w/ a 4 year old isn't enough, I doubt you want to be concerned with getting your bag dirty too or worrying about it.

    I'd say something like a cerf tote or maybe a medallion tote?? They can fit over the shoulder and it has really durable leather too. Just my .02!

    Keep us posted!
  3. What about the GST? Great if you tote around a lot of stuff for your four year old!
  4. The PST is great too!!! And like someone else said, the Cerf tote....I love that bag too!
  5. GST and PST are great suggestions. Also, maybe a Cabas?? It can go super casual or be dressed up and can hold a TON!
  6. Well, even though i have a 2-year old and one more on the way, I don't see why you can't get the clutch. It depends on what you want to use it for.

    I also just bought the clutch and I intend to use it for occasions where I go out with friends, shopping, even formal dinners, etc.

    Also, most of the time, I don't use my bag to carry my kid's stuff, I use a diaper bag. Imagine milk or juice leaking in your chanel bag, nah.. i don't want that to happen :yucky:
  7. Thank you all so much! I love the idea of a tote, but I can't seem to get that clutch out of my head. It's calling me :p

    I think I may just need to get it!!!
  8. Seems like your heart is set on it. Just go get it then! It would be a nice change instead of a purse. I'm sure it will come in handy! :smile:
  9. What about an E/W flap? They can work as a clutch or you can use them for carrying a few things while you run errands. Double duty, really, and that bag will never go out of style.
  10. go for it! It's real pretty.
  11. What is the E/W flap--sounds like a contender?? Since I'm somewhat new to Chanel......do you have a pic?? Anyone have a pic??

  12. Medium Classic Flap in any color would be perfect for a starter!!!
  13. I was also thinking of the east west flap. You can hide the chain in the bag if you want to use it as a clutch.

    Wallet on a chain is also nice but a bit smaller. It can be used like a clutch, on shoulder or messenger style.

    Pics are in the reference forum under classic flaps.
  14. yeah i was thinking an e/w in caviar would work well as a clutch/small handbag for u too! but only in caviar though, not lambskin :yes: