I want to take a minute and...

  1. ...welcome the new surge of PF members who contribute to the Chloe forum!!! For awhile there it was just us regulars and I am excited about the new members who are bringing a fresh perspective, passion and love to the Chloe thread.

    You know who you all are. ;) I am so happy that the Chloe forum is buzzing with activity again! :jammin:
  2. Thanks LG! This is a way cool place to hang out :supacool:

    You all have great taste and I love reading everyone's posts and checking out the great pics.
  3. Thank you lordguinny! :heart: Everyone here is so kind and helpful, I love being a part of this forum! :yes:
  4. Welcome everyone! :flowers:
  5. Thank you. I appreciate being here and having the support of everyone on the Chloe forum.
  6. Welcome everyone!
  7. Thanks! You all are very sincere and helpful. I think what is fun, although confusing about Chloe is that there is always a new color on the horizon.
  8. All of you have been a wonderful help to a Chloe novice like me!! Hope I can return the favor if you ever get into Chanel!!
    BTW, my first luke warm response to the tan Chloe has turned into a total LOVE:heart: ...
    Now I can't wait to get my next one...so mad that I hesitated too long when I saw fayden's anthracite on e-bay....:crybaby:
  9. It took me a while...but then it was love at first sight with me and the silverado. 3 prisoners later and now think it's time for a paddy:P The purse forum members are so helpful and encouraging!!!!
  10. Happy Dance for everyone! My Chloe will be here Tuesday and it's all your faults!!!!

  11. I am approaching this sub-forum slowly....since balenciaga subforum has proved to be extremely dangerous to me :roflmfao::shame:

  12. :roflmfao:
  13. Thanks Lordguinny :flowers: It's wonderfull to have a place where to share my love for paddies and get advices:yahoo: All the ladies here are so nice & helpful, I just love to hang around here :tender:
  14. The PF (the Chloe forum especially) ROCKS!!! I love it here...I've been on other boards where the members seem to bicker with one another or jump/squash on harmless posts for no apparent reason
  15. Thank you Lordguinny. I love it here!!!